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Theatre Review: Oxy & The Morons

It’s a busy Tuesday night for the New Wolsey, as it’s the press night for their brand new original punk musical, Oxy and the Morons. Which has been skilfully created by Paul Sirett (creator of Reasons to be Cheerful, Mods and Rox), Mike Peters (from The Alarm) and Steve Allan Jones.

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Film Review: Battle of the Sexes

It’s been such a long time since I last did a film review, which I totally regret as there’s been a stack of great films I’ve seen recently, but sadly I’ve just simply not had the time or motivation. However, as I got to see Battle of the Sexes in a preview screening, I felt it was about time I got myself back into gear and share my thoughts on why you must try to catch this film…

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Theatre Review: Grease

Grease is the word! and it’s finally found itself at the Ipswich Regent, for one week only.

Quite frankly, if you don’t know the story of this hit 70’s musical, where have you been for all these years? Few are aware that it was actually a Broadway and West End show 6 years prior to the film that so many of us know and love, but now it’s back on stage for a UK tour.

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Disability and Arts

I have to start by firstly saying, I’m not disabled nor do I know anyone who is (well, at least not in my day-to-day life) – probably the closest person I ‘know’ is actress Liz Carr(and I put ‘know’ as it’s simply thanks to the power of Twitter that we’ve conversed on many occasions, to the point where it feels like we know each other; but I don’t want to seem as though I’m misrepresenting the level of knowing because I’m still merely just a fan). 

For those who may not know, among many other things, Liz is a wonderful activist with disability rights being a key focus.

And a while ago now, I noticed a conversation she was having on Twitter about disability representation within the arts, which got me thinking…

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Theatre Review: Prism

Quite frankly, I feel I don’t see enough “Off-West End” theatre. The simple fact being, I’m over an hour away from London, and with the cost of travel, I tend to prefer spending a similar amount of money on the big West End shows which feel like a “safer” investment.

However, Prism at the Hampstead Theatre is one show I just felt I couldn’t miss, as it combined my love of theatre, with my love of film.

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Let’s Talk Lush

Following on from my previous post, I thought I would update you lovely Lushies on those that I was awaiting to arrive or get my hands on, as well as give you a quick hint at what is coming out VERY soon.

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Theatre Review: The Ladykillers

The New Wolsey Theatre, Salisbury Playhouse and Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch have come together to put this classic Ealing comedy out on a new Regional tour of The Ladykillers.

Based on the 1955 film of the same name (though there is a 2004 remake too), this stage adaptation was written by Graham Linehan (who is best known for his work on Father Ted and The IT Crowd) and first premiered in 2011. This new production has been executed with ease, and combines madcap comedy and criminal conmen to make for a delightful show.

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Standard Issue

To those that haven’t heard, Standard Issue was created by British comedienne, Sarah Millican along with a few friends.

Put simply, it was a women’s e-magazine, with the slogan “for all women” and it was basically as I believe they said themselves a “no bullshit magazine”. Millican has since explained that they noticed a gap in the marker for fun women’s magazines, as most commonly, women’s magazines are either tearing other women down or focused on trivial things.

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Theatre Review: Shirley Valentine

The 2017 Autumn/Winter season at your local theatres are starting up again, and the first in the line-up for me is Shirley Valentine at the Norwich Theatre Royal. Willy Russell’s heart-warming comedy premiered in 1986, and was later adapted into an Oscar nominated film (of the same name) in 1989, and now it’s back on a UK tour for its 30th anniversary.

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