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Theatre Review: Prism

Quite frankly, I feel I don’t see enough “Off-West End” theatre. The simple fact being, I’m over an hour away from London, and with the cost of travel, I tend to prefer spending a similar amount of money on the big West End shows which feel like a “safer” investment.

However, Prism at the Hampstead Theatre is one show I just felt I couldn’t miss, as it combined my love of theatre, with my love of film.

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Let’s Talk Lush

Following on from my previous post, I thought I would update you lovely Lushies on those that I was awaiting to arrive or get my hands on, as well as give you a quick hint at what is coming out VERY soon.

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Theatre Review: The Ladykillers

The New Wolsey Theatre, Salisbury Playhouse and Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch have come together to put this classic Ealing comedy out on a new Regional tour of The Ladykillers.

Based on the 1955 film of the same name (though there is a 2004 remake too), this stage adaptation was written by Graham Linehan (who is best known for his work on Father Ted and The IT Crowd) and first premiered in 2011. This new production has been executed with ease, and combines madcap comedy and criminal conmen to make for a delightful show.

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Standard Issue

To those that haven’t heard, Standard Issue was created by British comedienne, Sarah Millican along with a few friends.

Put simply, it was a women’s e-magazine, with the slogan “for all women” and it was basically as I believe they said themselves a “no bullshit magazine”. Millican has since explained that they noticed a gap in the marker for fun women’s magazines, as most commonly, women’s magazines are either tearing other women down or focused on trivial things.

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Theatre Review: Shirley Valentine

The 2017 Autumn/Winter season at your local theatres are starting up again, and the first in the line-up for me is Shirley Valentine at the Norwich Theatre Royal. Willy Russell’s heart-warming comedy premiered in 1986, and was later adapted into an Oscar nominated film (of the same name) in 1989, and now it’s back on a UK tour for its 30th anniversary.

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Feed Me Theatre!

I’ve written two Theatre themed blogs recently for London Theatre Direct, one on why I love Theatre, and another is my recommendations for the best family shows in the West End.

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Kerry Ellis & Matt Cardle

Seemingly an unlikely pair, but surprising the perfect pair; Matt Cardle and Kerry Ellis come together for an exclusive homecoming gig at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds. And one thing they definitely do, is give a great night of entertainment through the medium of music.

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Cheap Tickets: Hints & Tricks

Considering I go to the theatre no less than once a month, I’m frequently asked “but how do you afford it?” and I don’t blame them for asking. It’s no secret that going to the theatre is expensive, a majority of tickets for West End shows cost £50+, with some of the “premium seats” getting around the £100 to 200 mark and even touring shows can be from £40+.

However, it can be very affordable if you look in the right places and know the right tricks. So I thought I’d give you a few pointers…

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Keep It Lush

It’s been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve done a Lush post, and I can’t help but feel I’m slightly lacking on creative ideas to post about Lush. However, I’ll always be a Lushie and I thought it was about time I gave you an update on some of my favourite products I’ve used over the last few months, and point you in the direction of some of their latest releases.

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