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Theatre Updates

It’s me! I’m back – for now at least!

Firstly, I want to apologise for the severe lack of updates. I’m in a constant battle in getting the time to write these days, especially as I’m either out so often or just trying to plan my next adventure! I’ve also been finding it difficult to keep my blogging spark alive over the last few months; It’s not that I don’t love writing and want to share the highs and the lows with you, because I promise I do, but seeking the motivation and confidence to power through the words has been tough.

However, my absence hasn’t left me completely in the dark as we’re only just getting into May, and I’ve seen a whole stack of theatre – both in London and locally; so I’m going to try to give you a little update on some of the best bits of the last few weeks and months, as well as give you a quick insight into what’s coming up…

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The Scary Bikers

I braved the chilly weather on a mid-March evening for a trip to the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds to see The Scary Bikers, a new politically charged, cycle-powered comedy.

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Fat Friends

When Fat Friends the Musical was announced – I had mixed feelings; from the subject matter to the star-studded cast, I questioned if it was crazy or genius. I wasn’t familiar with the original TV series, nor much of Kay Mellor’s work,  but something about it made it hard for me to ignore the urge to buy a ticket to see what it was all about when it hit the Norwich Theatre Royal.

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Deep Love for Young Frankenstein

I’m currently five visits in at Young Frankenstein, and it’s only been housed at London’s Garrick theatre since late September 2017. You might be wondering why I have such ‘Deep Love’ for this show and questioning what keeps me going back? So I figured I’d blog about it!

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Theatre Review: Hamilton

Hamilton Hype: Is it worth it? Here’s what I thought after being in the room where it happens…

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Jolly January!

In a bid to get my writing juices flowing again, I thought I would talk to you about my Jolly side to January.

Of course I faced my fair share of January blues, and it certainly wasn’t the easiest of months. I questioned whether January would ever end, and I wondered if the light would ever return! However, despite the bouts of gloom, there were plenty of reasons to be cheerful, as I soaked up the likes of theatre, film, TV, music and more.

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Bucket List: Revisited

Looking to 2018, there’s so much I want to achieve, and it was quite frustrating and upsetting actually that when I rediscovered my bucket list tag from July 2016, I noticed I’ve barely ticked off anything.

Admittedly, lots of elements of myself and my life have changed since that post and I do understand that it’s life and these things can take time, especially as a lot of the goals I set were longer-term. Yet, looking back on it has made me more determined to achieve so much more. I just have to put my mind to it.

In reminiscing, I thought I’d give you an update on how I feel about the points previously raised, as well as throw in a few oddly specific things.

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Best of 2017: Film

I looked back a the films I’ve seen in 2017, and it’s been a fair few – about 30 to be exact, which matches last year.

I have been a little rubbish at keeping you updated through my reviews, partly because I’ve not necessarily seen everything on its release weekend and also due to lack of time. Therefore, I decided to give you a run down of some of the best I’ve seen this year, and I have also highlighted a few ones to watch in 2018…

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Best of 2017: Theatre

I took a look back on all the shows I’ve seen in 2017; and, boy has it been a lot – over 30 different shows to be precise! I have definitely exceeded last years total, and it’s not easy to narrow down such a vast array of show into a top 10, but I thought I’d give it a crack!

While I’m here, I’ve also highlighted a few shows to keep an eye on for 2018. Hope you enjoy reading some of my highlights…

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