So, my name is Molly and I blog. Incase you didn’t guess already?

And here’s what this blog is all about…

In simple terms, I’m a former media student attempting to make a path towards having a career in the media industry. Therefore, I set this blog up in order to “show-off” any of my media-related works (such as graphics, video work & articles) and share other general musings of mine (through blogs and reviews) that will probably be predominantly based around media (though not limited to this). You still with me? Good.

As for my personal interests, I love music, pop culture/celebrities, musicals/theatre, film/tv, disney and animals/nature.

Based on that, the type of posts you might find include reviews (on theatre, films, events & music), blogs (on almost anything that revolves around my interests, personal life or issues that I think are important), countdowns/suggestions (top films, lush/beauty products, favourite musicals, etc), photography/graphics (photos, photoshop, motion graphics), work experience (occasionally I may share reviews/works I’ve done but for other companies) & other general media things (film work, radio, web/smo).

I had a Tumblr blog before this, under the same name. See: http://molly-the-blogger.tumblr.com/ which I have now made inactive but contains some older works, if you were interested. I decided to move it to this WordPress, in order for me to get a better grip of WordPress, gain more creative control in the way I post, and for it to hopefully be easier for others to explore/comment etc.

I hope to connect with like-minded people, that also have a passion for the media industry and the areas of my interests. I hope that I can inform, inspire and engage! Come and say hello!