Scouting For Girls recently released their 4th studio album, “Still Thinking About You”. They are a band that seem to be easy to forget about, yet they have had four huge hits, including “Heartbeat”, “Elvis Ain’t Dead”, “She’s So Lovely” and their number 1 hit “This Ain’t a Love Song”.

Their last album release was in 2013, which was a greatest hits compilation, which they had the vision of ending the band with. However, they got offered a gig and loved it so much that they decided to keep at it for they simply loved making music.

If you haven’t previously given the English trio much interest, there’s no harm in starting now, as they merge a great combination of piano and guitar giving them a unique indie pop-rock sound.

Their first single from this album is the opening track, “Life’s Too Short” which was released in September. This is the only single from the album so far, but they did tease the album track “Bad Superman” by posting an acoustic performance to YouTube a few weeks before the album release. Both tracks are really catchy and made me want to hear more. However, their album has a sad and emotional side too, with romantic-ballad tracks like “Castles”, “Black and Blue” and “Best Laid Plans”. Yet there are still more upbeat tracks like the title track “Still Thinking About You” and “Three Words, Eight Letters”. There is a brilliant balance between the upbeat songs and the ballads. A lot of the themes of the songs are about love; both the highs and the lows.

I believe that the “Still Thinking About You” is definitely worth a listen, especially if you enjoy indie pop-rock sounds or if you have enjoyed previous music from Scouting For Girls. There is a real mix of tracks.

The band will be heading out on tour in November and December in a bunch of small venues across the UK, so if you check out the album and see if they’re coming to place near you. It’ll be worth it, they are great live!

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