I am not usually one to talk about Politics, for it is not really a subject I have an interest in due to the fact I fail to understand it.

Which honestly, is a little frustrating, as it’s something that is not educated very well in schools/colleges/etc, therefore many people may not be understanding what they are voting for or against/agreeing or disagreeing with, which simply puts them off having any interest. However, that creates a whole separate issue, so back to the main one…

Discovering the statistic of 7 in 10 MPs are men hugely disappoints me. Especially after watching the brilliantly powerful and inspiring film of “Suffragette”.

Woman of that time had to fight so hard to even gain the woman’s right to vote. After years of their efforts, they finally achieved it. But unfortunately many died in the process and didn’t get to live to see what they achieved.

In the UK, woman are lucky to have the privilege to vote, and have far more equal rights than many woman before us did. However, there are many countries that still have not gained this right, and are still fighting for it.

And although we woman of the UK may be eligible to vote, we are still lacking full equality, and this statistic proves it. Woman are half of the worlds population, yet we are still not being equally represented in politics.

Therefore, this severe and disappointing lack of woman in politics leads us to the current issue of the Tampon Tax.

The Tampon Tax simply means there is 5% VAT added to woman’s sanitary products, as it is seen as a “luxury product”.

I always knew they are overpriced product, but I never really understood the reason why, and now that I do, I feel irritated. Especially after seeing that other choice-products like Condoms (which yes, help health and safety, but are essentially a choice, unlike periods are with woman), Jaffa Cakes, Cake decorations and exotic meats are not taxed as they seen as more essential. Periods are something that woman have no choice in, and we cannot stop. We are expected to wear sanitary products, for bleeding everywhere would be unsanitary for us and to everyone else.

However i’m equally surprised and shocked to discover that even some of the women in power as MPs decided to vote against banning the tax on sanitary products. I’m baffled as to why? Surely they should be representing all females, and pushing this to breakthrough. And to link back to my earlier point, would the Suffragettes have stood for that? Would those MPs even have their position if it wasn’t for the Suffragettes? I don’t think so.

My point is that now i’ve looked into this particular issue, I am really disappointed in the UK/EU politics and in the last year my eyes have been opened to how there is still such inequality and I just don’t understand why.

I’m also glad a subject that for years has been on the hush-hush has finally come into the light like it deserves.

When is there going to be change? The time is now.

Please try and do your bit, and sign this petition and help step towards change.

I also want to thank this Sugarscape article for clearly explaining it to me, sharing the important message to other young woman and inspiring me to spread the word and campaign for these breakthroughs too.