I originally posted this back in late August, following a brilliant article about why body shaming Cheryl needs to stop, (click the image for the article) but upon seeing more recent news on body shaming, with the likes of Cheryl, Caroline Flack and more. I decided to tweak it slightly and issue my point again.


Upon originally seeing this article, I couldn’t ignore it because I feel it is such an important subject.

I’ve noticed that negative body-shaming articles or comments on Cheryl have been a popular topic this year, alongside focus on other celebrities and their weight/appearance too, such as Caroline Flack. It’s all people seem to talk about lately (alongside other utterly ridiculous celebrity stories the press and devastating news reports).

Knowing that celebrities, like Cheryl and many others, can’t avoid the negative comments due to constant comments through social media etc deeply upsets me, because whether they’ve been in the industry for a year or 20 years, they’re still people and it’s still hurtful to them and it will never be okay.

Some of you may think I am just posting this in defence of Cheryl as a long-term Girls Aloud fan, but it’s not just about that. I’m sharing this article and voicing my opinion because body shaming is such a common issue, but it shouldn’t be.

I challenge you to think, imagine if it was you? How would you like it if a nation was in constant fixation and discussion on your weight/body image/style/etc? I don’t think you’d like it, so why do it to others?

At the end of the day, everyone is different. In body, style, mind and more. It’s what makes each person individual. Therefore, telling people what we should and shouldn’t look like just sickens me.

I just wish the media wasn’t like this. The media is designed to cover important news or share popular points of interest, and should be used to send out positive messages; not promoting articles of judgements on what people should or shouldn’t look like.

It has triggered a generation of mental health & body confidence issues, and this is a simple example of why. Please think before you speak or judge‬ because who knows what is going on beyond closed doors of each person you meet. Also, who are you to judge anyway?