If like me, you have been unfortunately blessed with naturally spot-prone skin that drives you insane, you are probably endlessly searching for new treatments, as nothing ever seems to work right?

Well if you’re eagerly nodding your head, I’m here to help (hopefully!) as I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 tips that i’ve picked up over the years that might just be a solution that works for you. This may help combat some of your winter dry-skin woes too!

  1. Tea Tree – I think I’ve become slightly addicted to this over the years, but I love using it. You have to be careful with it though, as it can dry out the skin and you really don’t need too much of it and it’s better to keep it straight on spot rather than smearing it across your face (which I sometimes get in a bad habit of doing myself). However, it’s a natural oil that can do a great drop of reducing/clearing spots. It’s a very widely available product too, in retailers like Superdrug and Holland and Barrett.
  2. Lush Face Masks – I love using these, the best choices for spot treatments are Cupcake or Cosmetic WarriorThey’re perfect for using after a long/stressful day. Especially for me, as I work in a busy Cafe washing dishes, my skin usually goes rather oily afterwards so this is a great way to revive any damage whilst soaking in the bath. I just rinse my face, clip my hair back and cake a small layer of the face mask on, leave it for 5-10 minutes until it tightens then wash it off. It makes my skin feel so soft and re-energised, as well as hopefully a little more protected from spots.
  3. Toothpaste – It may sound odd, but I actually got it from a Girls Aloud “Style” documentary through Cheryl (Fernandez-Versini) years ago, and apparently there is something in the toothpaste that helps dry-up and draw-out the spots. It’s great just to dab a small amount on overnight and wash it off in the morning. I’ve actually found this a fairly effective method and obviously it only comes in at a small cost, and is something you probably already have access too!
  4. Home Remedy – I actually discovered this on Tumblr, but was reassured it was safe and worked well for a number of people. The actual description was for blackheads on the nose, but it’s fine to use on the whole face. All you need is half a spoon of honey (ideally mānuka honey) and half a spoon of cinnamon, then you mix them together to make a paste. Cover the effected areas (avoiding eyes) and massage for 3 minutes then proceed to wash off with warm water. Hopefully you should now have less blackheads, feel exfoliated and softer skin! I’ve only tried it once, but it did work pretty well.
  5. Face washes/creams/scrubs – This is a bit of an obvious tip, and I don’t really have a particular brand, I tend to just scout out the cheapest or most appealing. However, it’s an important point as it’s good to just trial and error a few different washes/scrubs/creams/etc and see if anything works for you. These are great too as they tend to last quite a long time and can be used as little or as often as you like.(Though try to avoid ones containing Microbeads, as explained here!)

So, there we go! Do you have any other suggestions? Have any of these worked for you? Are you going to be trying any of these? I’d love to hear!