I’ve never done Lush themed blog post before and i’m a huge fan, using at least 2 products a week, so I thought why not make a blog on some of my seasonal suggestions!

I’m going to give you my 12 (days of Christmas) Lush must-haves from their Autumn/Winter collection (in no particular order). I’ll include some of my favourite products, ones I’m excited to try soon and that I think others would love! Hopefully this might inspire you to try some for yourself if you fancy a treat, or get some gift ideas to those nearest and dearest to you!

  1. Magic Wand (reusable bubble bar)This has been one of my favourite products from the Christmas collection since they first launched it. I love almost all of the reusable bubble bars, I think they’re just great because you can get at least about 5 baths out of them and they keep their smell and colour the entire time. It smells so sweet, is bright pink and is super glittery. It’s perfect for all you fellow girlie-girls out there that secretly believe in magic!
  2. Candy Mountain (bubble bar) Another one of my long-time favourites, that is another treat for those that love all things pink, girlie and sweet. You can get two baths out of this if you want to, that smell sweet but are filled with a comforting bubbly bliss.
  3. Peeping Santa (bubble bar) – This is taken from my wish list, but when I saw this new product in-store I was drawn to his crumbly cuteness and adored his refreshing but comforting scent, as Christmas draws closer I’m definitely going to get my mitts on this little guy! (However, if you prefer bath bombs or are looking for an alternative scent but along the same theme, there is also a Dashing Santa or Father Christmas). 
  4. Snow Melt (bath melt) – Despite not having tried this particular product, this is great little product that doesn’t set you back very much at only £2 per melt (handy if you’re on a budget or need to buy in bulk for the family!), these are a newer product that first launched at Oxford Street lush in April (the full collection of mini bath melts is available there), they are slow melting and they release a subtle scent and lots of oil that leaves your skin feeling fabulous and moisturised. This is the only seasonal bath melt, but the MMMelting Marshmellow Moment is also a great one.
  5. Butter Bear (bath bomb)This is another product that is great for those of you on a budget, for kids (as well as adults!) or if you’re wanting to get a batch of the same present without breaking the bank. This is small and cheap, but adorable and lovely. I tried it for the first time a little while ago and now i’m hooked. Although it doesn’t smell as strong as other products (just a subtle hint of cocoa, vanilla and florals) it completely refreshes the skin as it releases natural oils that make your skin feel silky smooth and cleansed. (They also do a Butter Bear tin, where there’s 6 of this product in a cute bear tin; which doubles up as storage for future lush hauls, an adorable canvas bag or knot wrap).
  6. Shoot for the Stars (bath bomb) This one is taken from my wish-list so i’m yet to try it, but when I saw it in-store I was very drawn to it, as I love blue bath bombs, probably due to the fact they turn such a brilliant colour. Plus it smelt wonderfully refreshing but relaxing, so I’m hoping to get my hands on it very soon. (alternatively, under a similar theme there’s the Big Bang Bubble Bar too, which I have tried and is lovely!)
  7. Lord of Misrule (shower gel)I’ve not tried this one either, but it had a rather natural smell that’s mixed with exciting scents of winter spices. I think this works as a great unisex product as it has the right balance of not being too overpowering in scent and colour, but still being simply LUSH. Heighten your shower experience and indulge in the green mischief!
  8. Baked Alaska (soap) I tried this last year when I got lucky in the christmas sales, and this is probably my favourite soap as it has such cool and vibrant colours, with a smell that’s bursting with lively citrus to match. Perfect for the every day use for a quick refresh. Other seasonal soaps I really like based on smell and design are Old Father TimeReindeer Rock and Yog Nog
  9. Snow Fairy (shower gel)This is a tradition in my household for me and my sister to get it every christmas, so I love that it has that special meaning. This completes the girlie-girl must haves trio, as it is another sweet, sparkly, pink product that is another of the lush favourites, if you’ve tried this product i’m sure you’ll understand why it’s always exciting when it reappears on the shelves, if not, it’s time you learned! However, I also adore the Rose Jam shower gel
  10. Santa’s Belly (shower jelly) – This is another i’m yet to try, but it looks and smells amazing! I’m sure this shower jelly will fill your shower with a festive cheer and wake you up ready for the busy times ahead! Another exciting seasonal shower jelly is Snowman.
  11. Santa’s Lip Scrub (lip scrub)Although I’ve not tried this particular lip scrub, I think this product is a gift for the winter months, as we all get the dreaded chapped-lips and the scrub helps to get rid of that annoying dead skin, and this is a perfectly festive themed scrub. (If it’s not your bag though; the Popcorn, Bubblegum and Mint scrubs are still available and work just as well). You can also then glamorise your lips after with the Santa Baby lip tint (or any other lip tint or balms). 
  12. Cranberry Face Mask (face mask) Although I haven’t tried this face mask,  I think this another savour for winter, as we also get very dry faces from the cold. So this cranberry christmas face mask is bound to brighten, smooth and soften our skin. This is the only seasonal face mask, but I also love Cupcake, Cosmetic Warrior and would like to try Rosy Cheeks.

So, that’s my list! I hope I’ve given you some inspiration, but there are so many other brilliant products and gifts to explore, so get Lushing and share your favourites!