This is something i’ve always wanted to do a blog on, but never got round to, but here it is. I’ve decided to compile a list of my Disney classic must-sees as I’ve been an avid fan since Childhood!

(Ps: take the order with a pinch of salt, as it changes around!)

  1. Beauty and the Beast – This is a firm-favourite of mine. I think Belle has always been my favourite princess because like myself, she is a brunette, so I think I felt connected to the fact there was a Princess that had a generally similar appearance to me. Which can be important to young children I think. But I also just thought she was so sweet and sincere. I loved all the minor characters too and the score. I always found it to be a story with great charm and magic. Plus, I think the “beauty and the beast” dance scene will always be one of the most timeless and beautiful visuals.
  2. The Aristocats – This film holds dear memories to me, due to the fact it was one of about three films my grandma owned that I loved/could watch. Therefore every time I went to stay with her as a kid, I watched this film. I think I was just drawn to the cuteness of the characters, the comedy and the beautifully sketched upper-class France scenery. I think this is just such a happy, fun and heart-warming little story about family, friendship and love. Plus, the girl-power sassiness of Marie still keeps her as one of my favourite characters.
  3. Finding Nemo – Although this is under the Pixar umbrella, I still say it counts. I don’t really know how I came to love this so much, but this was released when I was about 6/7 so it was exciting being able to get involved in the merchandise by getting a sticker book and easter egg etc, and I just always loved the story and Dory still never fails to have me in stitches. Just keep swimming has been one of my life mottos ever since!
  4. Mary Poppins – This movie is simply a musical masterpiece. I don’t know how people can’t fall in love with the perfect combination of a touching story, brilliant music and clever casting for the loveable characters. Though I equally love the recent spin-off story of Saving Mr Banks, which explains the process of how the film was created and I think it’s amazing that it took such a journey to be made, but it is loved worldwide and probably will continue to be loved for a very long time.
  5. The Little Mermaid – As a child, I believe since watching this movie, I always had a great fascination with water. I loved the idea of mermaids, and always longed to be able to discover the underwater world. I think what is so great about this story is that it expresses how your dreams can be achieved, that it’s okay to break family moulds and that you should support your family/friends whatever they decide. I think it has a good moral, along with all the classic Disney princess elements.
  6. Bambi – A lot of people find this film ‘too sad’, which it is, but I think it’s actually an important subject. Loss is such a common issue, that can happen to anyone at anytime and I deeply admire how Bambi (with the help of his two adorable best friends) learns to fend for himself and flourish. It’s full of cuteness!
  7. The Lion King – How can you not love this film? Great songs, characters, scenery and story. Everyone loves the Lion King, and that’s all I have to say really isn’t it?
  8. Monsters Inc –  Another one from the Pixar umbrella, but again this was one released in my childhood. I again just found it hard not to fall in love with, I thought the comedy was genius and showcased the power of love and friendship. I wasn’t left disappointed by Monsters University either.
  9. Alice in Wonderland – As ‘trippy’ as some people may find this film, it’s another one that is a huge childhood film of mine. To me, the craziness of the characters, the pure imagination and exciting colours just had me in awe. Then as I got older and watched it years on, I realised how interesting each character was and how relatable they could be. There are many important quotes that i’m sure a lot of young people can identify with like “oh I do wish I hadn’t cried so much”. I also find that the White Rabbit and his pure paranoia on time could symbolise anxiety or OCD. I think there is a lot more depth to it than people think. Plus, Alice’s adorable cat Dinah needs a mention for being so cute.
  10. Lilo & Stitch – This was another one released when I was young, and I loved straight away. I just found it such a fun film, and it had a great moral of the fact it’s okay to be different, even if you are, you’re still worthy of love.
  11. Into The Woods – A classic Sondheim musical turned into a feature-length Disney musical, what’s not to love? I found this to be a brilliant new live action Disney fantasy of the stories beyond the happy ending from some our favourite characters and stories.
  12. Brother Bear – I believe this is one of the most underrated Disney films, another one released in my childhood that I believe I saw in the cinema. I don’t know why, but I always had an interest in spiritual things, therefore this never failed to bore me, and it again states the importance of love, family and friendships.

Honestly, I could have gone on forever. What are your favourites though?