Tis’ the season be jolly! It’s also the season where you can relax (hopefully) and maybe revel in some Festive films with your friends & family. I decided to make a list of some options…

  1. The Grinch – This always has and always will be my favourite Christmas film. I don’t really know why, I just always loved it and have to watch it every year (usually on Christmas Eve, or a few days prior to the big day). I think I just always found myself relating to The Grinch- in his comedy, his loathing of christmas and his lack of acceptance, yet it ends in such a heartwarming way. I will always love it.
  2. Elf – I hate to admit it, but I actually only watched this film in full for the first time this year, because I had booked tickets to the musical (see my review of it here), as I always thought it looked too cheesy. However, I found myself in fits of laughter at the quick thinking childish comedy. Buddy is basically christmas in human-elf form, right? (Also, thanks to the musical, i’m now obsessed with the soundtrack- if you love this film too- check it out on Spotify, as it captures the story through song).
  3. The Snowman and The Snowdog – Although this a short film, this is one that i’ve loved ever since I was little (well the original story of just The Snowman), in fact we even have a beautiful ornament of it and a funny photo of me as a baby enjoying my own “walking through the air” moment, but upon the recent adorable addition of the Snowdog, this sweet little story is now even greater.
  4. Frozen – Transport yourself to this Disney musical winter wonderland. Although it is technically set in summer, I think the visuals in this recent animated classic are amazing. It’s the christmas that we dream of- talking snowmen, reindeers and magic powers. It’s something the whole family can enjoy
  5. Christmas with the Coopers – This is a new release for 2015 so it might just be the perfect excuse to head out to the cinema to escape the madness of Christmas preparations. I haven’t seen it, but if the cast (including Amanda Seyfried & Dianne Keaton), is anything to go by it looks like it could be a great festive comedy. Other popular cinema Christmas releases include Sisters, The Good Dinosaur, Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Krampus.
  6. Love Actually – This is another firm favourite for a yearly festive must-watch. I admit, i’ve only seen this once, and initially I didn’t really get it, so I think i’m going to try and revisit it, but it’s an interesting intersecting romance/family story that I know is always dug out in December.
  7. Noel – This is one I discovered thanks to Netflix and it might just be the saddest christmas film I’ve ever seen with two/three stories in one, that overlap each other. But it’s deeply heartwarming and is a great reminder of why giving out love is important. Kudos to the brilliant Susan Sarandon for pulling off this intriguing lead character, with great support from Robin Williams.
  8. A Christmas Carol – The 2009 Disney version with Jim Carey is probably the adaption I know best, however there are many takes on this iconic Charles Dickens story, and it’s a story that deserves to endlessly be told. I think it’s important to always remember those less fortunate than ourselves.
  9. Arthur Christmas – I only discovered this festive film last year, but I thought it was so sweet and comedic. It pieces an all-star cast, with the ever-clever Aardman animation, giving you another nice light-hearted viewing.
  10. Santa Clause – This is a cheat, as I haven’t actually seen this but from what I gather it is another hugely popular choice, that also stems under the Disney umbrella, so I will try and watch it soon, especially as it is on Netflix too!

I hope you like my list, and i’ve given you some ideas! What are your favourites? What are you going to be watching?