I decided that my mission this christmas is to donate to a few different charities or causes, because it’s traditionally seen as a time of giving, and it’s important to not get too invested in the excess food, presents and other luxuries that many of us get to experience and remember those less fortunate than ourselves.

I’ve been torn on which charities or causes to support, as there are so many worthy places I could put my money, and I believe in so many causes. However I’m going to give you some ideas (in no particular order):

  1. Homeless Charities – Truth is, I don’t actually know a particular charity which is best for this. However there are many ways you can take this. You can volunteer or donate to a homeless shelter, you can give something yourself to someone you see on the streets or find a charity and give that way. Obviously, this is a crucial time of year to support them because we all get to have our families and christmas dinners, so why can’t they? Many people give Homelessness a negative image or blame them, but truth is, it could happen to anyone at anytime. Natural disasters, debts, divorces; there can be more to it than drugs. I challenge everybody to at least explore the facts and truths on homelessness a little more before they judge.
  2. Animal Shelters – As an animal lover, this is something I always support, because again this can be a challenging time of year with uneducated people buying animals as gifts, and later abandoning them when they realise it requires effort. It makes no sense to me, but sadly it happens. A few popular charities and organisations like the Blue Cross, Dog’s Trust, RSPCA & Cat’s Protection welcome support, and this is another cause where there are several ways to help. If you are seriously considering a pet, please try and go for a rescue pet instead! They may be harder work, but they deserve love and a happy life too.
  3. Medical, Health & Family Charities – I figured this covered a very broad spectrum: mental health charities (like MIND, Rethink or Young Minds), illness related charities (such as Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation or Teenage Cancer charities), domestic violence/abuse organisations (Woman Said, Refuge or Leeway), children & young people’s charities (Cheryl’s Trust, EACH, Barnardos or Krissy & Friends) and many more. This covers a broad range, but is another important thing to remember.
  4. World Causes & Relief – Again, this is a broad spectrum: natural disaster relief (British Red Cross for example), nature relief (WWF, Wildlife Trust or RSPB), other countries (Red Nose Day/Comic Relief or Save the Children) and many more. I know it covers a broad range again, but it’s still important to help other countries that may not be as stable as the one you are in.
  5. Nivolumab for Mark Nurthen –  I chose this because of Kimberley Walsh (from Girls Aloud) tweeting about it, as he is a dear friend to her and her family. He is a fighting for his life, and is eager to get the treatment he needs. I’m sure there are many similar cases and stories to Mark’s, but here’s one I decided to highlight to you.

I’m just posting this blog, because it might inspire you to invest your support to one of these causes too, or research and discover your own. I’m also trying to remind you that we should all try to give a little back. Even if it just means sharing this blog or donating £1 or 2, every penny and bit of support counts and can make a difference. 

There are a multitude of ways or places you can help and show your support, so please consider it.

The important message I keep telling myself is “what if it were you?”- what if you were in that position where you or someone important to you needed help. I’m pretty sure you would appreciate the help and support more than words can fathom. Find something you believe in, and fight for it.