2016 is here, which means we are soon to be attacked with another year of great music. Here’s a reminder of 5 people releasing (or rumoured to be releasing) music in 2016 that I simply cannot wait for!

  1. The 1975’s “I LIKE IT WHEN YOU SLEEP, FOR YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL YET SO UNAWARE OF IT” – They probably deserve an award for creating the longest album title ever, but seeing as their first album was released in 2013, it’s easy to understand why fans are so eager to get their hands on new music, which is released in late February.
  2. Rihanna’s “ANTI” – After announcing her stadium tour prior to her album, this woman is being a total tease! This has been an album that fans seem to be waiting for forever, and there’s still no release date. Maybe she’s planning to do a Beyoncé? I’m sure it will be released in 2016 though.
  3. Busted (TBC) – It is unclear whether they will be releasing a full album, however they have suggested it a lot, and they will be going on tour so there are high hopes for the highly anticipated reunion!
  4. Gwen Stefani (TBC) – It’s still early days, as there’s little information but there are high hopes that the iconic Gwen Stefani will be making a comeback to the music scene.
  5. Katy Perry (TBC) – It’s only rumours that she’s releasing music this year and I’m not sure it will be in 2016, but i’m optimistic that it will be, even if in the latter part of the year because I could do with some new tunes.
  6. Cheryl (TBC)– Again, it’s only rumours but she is hitting the studio this year, so with any luck there may be some music out in the latter part of the year. Cheryl never fails to release some great tunes and it’s been a while since her last album. I just hope she does slightly better promotion than she did with her previous album, with another tour, as I think people lost interest too quickly last time.

Other notable mentions: The XX (TBC)Sia (This is Acting), Lady Gaga (TBC), Kylie Minogue (TBC) & Christina Aguilera (TBC). 

Who are you excited to or hoping to hear music from in 2016?