I’ve never really been much of a Royalist, however I was intrigued by this ITV Documentary that aired on Monday evening, where Ant & Dec followed Prince Charles for a year, and learned about his work of 40 years with the Prince’s Trust, and it made for interesting viewing.

As explained above, this one-off special showcased the nations favourite duo, Ant & Dec, spending a year following Prince Charles and his work with his charity The Prince’s Trust. It also gave insight into life as a royal, and the benefits of the organisation.

One of the places they visited was an M&S store, where Charles got to meet and give disadvantaged young people and adults an award for completing a training course in retail and work. He seemed to come across as caring and friendly. Many of these people were no different to you or me- they just simply had unfortunate struggles in finding work, which is becoming an increasing issue and can happen to any of us. It was then announced that all of the trainees were being offered jobs- and it was beautiful to watch. For I do understand that difficulty, of being unable to find an opportunity that works for you and they were all so genuinely pleased and proud.

The documentary then showcased Ant & Dec getting to attend other key events, like social meetings in various locations, where people that the Prince was or had worked with. It proved that he helps and is interested in a wide range of people and causes.

There were also several pieces of focus on the life of Prince Charles- showing some family home-videos, talking about his time in the Navy and other personal insights.

There was also interviews with other Royals, such as his wife Camilla and both Prince Harry and William. It was interesting seeing their views on the subject and Charles as a person.

It also featured several other famous faces, such as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who has worked with the Prince’s Trust for several years and has her own trust which is linked to TPT. Rod Stewart and Jon Snow also appear, as they’re both keen supporters and friends of Charles.

Overall, whether you pride yourself as a Royalist or not, I deeply recommend you watch this documentary on ITV Player before it’s removed, as it was really eye-opening, insightful and inspiring. It gave me a bit more respect to Prince Charles & the royals for the great work they do with the Prince’s Trust and other causes. It also proves that whatever your background or strengths/weakness, you can do great things.