Keeping up the ‘personal’ side of my blogs. To anyone that knows me, will know i’m a keen “fangirl” – simply meaning I have a tendency to love celebrities and particular TV shows/films quite a lot. I’ve always been this way, and i’m not really sure why, but I know i’m not alone in this feeling.

Therefore I decided to do a little blog about my experience as a “fangirl”, and how over the years I’ve been able to gain recognition from some of my favourite celebrities and have an enjoyable experience in this “way of life” (so to speak).

* Note: This isn’t limited to just girls, boys can fanboy too! Also, rest assured, please know that I do know the boundaries and am very much a respectful and ‘normal’ fan, as that’s the way should be.

  1. Attending events – This to me is the best bit. As i’ve gotten older, each year I tend to stretch what I am able to go to in regards to opportunities to see or meet my favourite celebrities; this is due to getting older and having more independence, earning my own money & luck of timing. For years those factors weren’t always on my side, but I was very fortunate in the fact I had relatively understanding parents that were happy to take me to things or take me there to meet friends. Though I appreciate this isn’t easy for everyone, and I still only go to what I can, but if you can attend any events of your favourite celebrities (such as concerts, film premieres/red carpets, signings and other professional appearances), I promise it will always be worth the expense and effort, as seeing them will always be special and bring joy. It is also a great way for them to potentially start picking up your face, meeting fellow fans and even if it doesn’t always pan out perfectly it is usually still great fun!
  2. Social Media – Not every celebrity you love will be on social media, but I’m sure a good number will be on at least one platform and this is an amazing way to connect with the people you love, as well as other fans. Though do remember to never go overboard on what you say, remember they are still human and that nobody likes spamming. However, if you send them messages of love and support, I’m sure they’ll notice. Even if they don’t reply, they probably will read it. I’ve been quite lucky that I’ve had quite a few replies or at least one reply from a lot of people I admire. It’s pure luck really, but I’m deeply grateful, and sometimes patience is key. Social media is often portrayed negatively, and there are a lot of awful sides to it, but generally it is a really fun and exciting tool.
  3. Fanmail, fanbooks & letters – This isn’t something I’ve done a lot of, but I have done it, and it can work. For example, I once made Kimberley Walsh (from Girls Aloud) a fanbook (when I was only about 14 and it wasn’t that great!) but she tweeted me about it a few days later, and I more recently gave her a card and asked her about it when I met her again a few weeks later and she seemed very genuinely grateful. Similarly, I have only sent fan mail off twice, but thankfully I’ve been successful both times- the prospect never used to appeal to me, but as they were people I felt were a little more difficult for me to meet, I decided it was worth a shot. I simply just sent them a letter/card saying why I liked/supported them, mentioned my favourite work(s) of theirs and kindly requested a reply with the items I wanted signed with a SAE and both times I received personalised autographs back. It doesn’t always happen this way, and it may take time but it can, and it will only cost you the price of two stamps. I can’t promise they will always read letters or respond/acknowledge it, but it can be a great way to say what you want to say and you can only hope it at least makes them smile.
  4. Collecting merchandise – This part isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always loved collecting things, so I tend to collect the standard items: CDs, DVDs, clothing, books/magazines, calendars, posters/clippings & beauty products (such as perfume, make-up, etc). When I was younger, I used to want anything and everything however I’m a lot more relaxed now and only really go for the obvious or practical things, but this to me has always been enjoyable as you can span a collection that covers various parts of their careers and it can be quite interesting when you think of the memories attached and how things have changed for you and the person in question. Plus, it’s also quite nice because when there are things that you may eventually want or need to get rid of, you can sell or pass it onto other fans to enjoy and occasionally if the item is rare/collectable it can fetch decent amounts of money.
  5. Just enjoy it – This one is simple, just be there. Support them; watch their films/shows, buy their CDs and like/respect them for who they are. Do it however you want, as there are many types of “fans”, but the important thing is just to enjoy supporting your favourite while remaining respectful and remembering they’re only human too. The acknowledgement and seeing them is great, but it’s not all about that. Also- ignore negativity, if it makes you happy and you’re not hurting anybody, then essentially that’s all that matters.

So, are you a fangirl/boy? If yes, who or what is your “favourite”? And what are your fan experiences or tips?