I’ve always thought of myself as a rather creative-minded person, but I frequently find myself struggling to motivate myself or bring the ideas to life. Do you find yourself whispering “same”?

Well, that’s where my new friends come in, the infamous “Wreck This Journal” and the newer “1 Page at a Time”, who have being kicking me into gear and stimulating my creativity.

Wreck This Journal: 

I brought this for myself in October (2015) and I was instantly hooked. I had resisted buying it for ages, simply for the fact that I couldn’t see myself getting into it, but how wrong I was. I love it because each page is completely down to interpretation, no page of anyones journal will ever be the same.

With prompts like “this page is a sign, what do you want it to say?”, “document time passing” or “wear the journal”, there’s a multitude of possibilities. It’s a perfect way to take a break from reality and explore a vast range of creative possibilities, even if you’re not hugely daring or talented in creativity, like myself, it’s still great fun. I think it’s a nice balance of written and drawing tasks, that as I mentioned earlier are what you decide to make of them.

Below are a couple of my favourite pages that I’ve done:

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1 Page at a Time: 

I came across this book via seeing it mentioned on social media (either Twitter or Tumblr) shortly after buying my Wreck This Journal, so I googled it out of curiosity and was intrigued. I found the reviews to be generally mixed, and was warned that it was an American book (as i’m from the UK), so some things may be worded oddly. However, I took the risk and added it to my Christmas list and gifted it to a friend. Therefore my friend received it before me, but she said she loved it. She is a keen writer, and said it had really cool prompts and she was excited to start it in the New Year. Then a few weeks later, to my joy I received it from my parents as a Christmas gift.

Now that I could see it for myself in person (as I ordered the gift online and got it posted straight to my friend), I was really excited. It’s compact but thick. There’s at least 365 pages (hence it being “1 Page at a Time”!). While the theme is similar to Wreck this Journal, this is a lot more personal and seemingly more writing-based (though it does still have drawing/creative opportunities, and many of the pages are down to interpretation too). I also found this to have a lot more of a “social media” inspired theme, with lots of links to popular sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. However, once again I found myself highly hooked. I started it just after Christmas, and I’m not doing it exactly a page a day/in order, but it’s another fun distraction and inspiration.

Here are some interesting pages.

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Do you have either of these, or anything similar? What do you make of the “creative companions”?