This is loosely inspired by my previous post about politics, equality and feminism. However, in a matter of months there’s still a huge light being shone on the fact sexism and inequality still exists, and i’m here to continue bringing light to the issues so you can be aware too.

  1. Sexist Pricing – I regularly receive emails from petition websites, as I love signing/supporting causes I believe in because I know those petitions can make a difference. Today, I received a link to this cause and in all honest, I had never noticed this issue. I had no idea that females were being charged almost double, or a considerable amount more than men are (and for the same products!). Now that I know, I’m simply disgusted, I don’t understand how this is fair? Especially as they are somewhat essential beauty and health care products. This petition only shows two examples, but I don’t doubt that it doesn’t stop there. Therefore if you too believe in the cause, sign the petition here.
  2. Pay Gap –  This was inspired by the article I recently read about the fact actress Gillian Anderson was offered HALF of what co-star David Duchovny’s pay was for the new X-Files revival and had to fight for the equal salary. This didn’t hugely surprise me, as it’s no secret that Hollywood can be a very sexist/discriminative place, but at the same time it really stunned me. I admit, I’ve never actually watched The X-Files but from my understanding I do know that their roles are of equal importance and that I would imagine Gillian is a much more recognisable name/face (no offence to David!). Therefore why was this even considered to be okay? Not only that, Anderson is adored for her activist ways, therefore it’s no surprise that she didn’t stand for it. Even though it didn’t actually happen, I know it does, and the fact this inequality was even almost deemed okay is just wrong.
  3. Oscar white-wash – This is an issue that has caused a big stir, as for the second year in a row there are no POC nominated at the Oscars. I mean, in general I love award season, but this really isn’t on. This is obvious discrimination, I mean there have been some great performances from POC this year such as Straight Outta Compton, Creed, Beasts of No Nation, Idris Elba, Oscar Isaac, Samuel L. Jackson and more. Some of which got nominated for Golden Globes, among other awards, so why have the Oscars snubbed them? It’s no surprise that many are outraged at this issue, and many are boycotting the award show. Similar to this issue and those mentioned earlier, the British film “Suffragette” (that represents feminism) received tons of positivity, but has been completely ignored in award season, which upset me as it was a brilliant film. I was only lifted by the fact “Carol” and “The Danish Girl” (that represented the LGBT+ community) got a few nods. But the fact remains that Hollywood is still full of discrimination, and it needs to change.