Exciting times ahead!

Tomorrow (Monday 08/02/16) I will be starting a full time apprenticeship with a local company called Grapevine. In simple terms, they are a company that create a magazine and run a website for local event listings across the region I live in.

My title is a “social media/marketing apprentice”, and I’ll be doing a multitude of jobs under that branch.

I really hope it goes well, and that I enjoy it.

I’m nervous to start, as I’ve never had a full time job or had work in the media sector outside of my college course. But I’m also super excited for this new chapter.

I decided to post about this simply because 1) I am proud of myself. 2) This may mean I might not have as much time to fully commit to my blog, however I am NOT giving it up. In fact, it may give me more structure or inspiration for my posts. I will always have it on my mind and be working on something, but I just wanted to alert my lovely followers that if you think my blogs become less-regular (as on a typical week I probably post 2-3 times), it’s only due to this, but I will be keeping up with my blog as much as I can, and I still have a few things in my drafts/planned so don’t panic.

To keep in the loop with me, if you want to, I’m always on Twitter @mynamemolly_ or @mollytheblogger.