If you take any notice of the news, or “showbiz gossip”, you’ll probably have seen singer Kesha (or Ke$ha as she was formerly known) plastered all over the internet and newspapers/magazines.

Some of you may not have bothered looking into why she’s hit the headlines, but you should,  this a tricky subject to touch on and write about, but I’m going to explain why you should care.

We all remember Ke$ha right? She was definitely popular with myself and many other people my age with her catchy pop/rock/electro hits. The height of her fame was 2009-2010, when she dominated the charts with songs like “TiK ToK”, “Blah Blah Blah” (featuring 3OH!3) and “Your Love is My Drug”. She also had a few other hits and a second album in 2012. We all loved her crazy outfits, and her fun, comical, daring and punchy lyrics that we could sing and dance along to. However, she seemed to disappear from the scene shortly after these few years of fame.

You only need to a quick Google ‘news’ search of her name, and you’ll be flooded with articles about the story of why.

To save you that effort, I’ll tell you that in simple terms, Kesha has been in a battle for the last few years to try and be released from her music contract with Sony and Dr Luke. The reason being, she filed an allegation that the famous producer Dr Luke had physically, mentally and sexually assaulted her when she signed to him in 2005 when she was just 18.

He denied the allegations, and countersued her, claiming that her lawsuit qualified as extortion and was a breach of contract. Therefore, Sony Music naturally sided with employee Dr. Luke.

The battle continued though, and was taken to court, which leads us to the latest breakthrough in the case of the fact the court has denied Kesha’s case meaning she is still contracted to Sony & Dr Luke, and cannot be freed.

You may be thinking why should we care?

Well we have every reason to care because…

  • If her allegations are true, which I believe they are or they wouldn’t have got this far, she is practically being forced to work with someone who hurt her in more ways than one and has committed a crime.
  • It means she can’t make the music she wants, and that her fans deserve, as she is under their thumb and cannot move to other companies that may be able to give her what she wants.
  • This proves the greed of the industry, as a lot of this is to do with money.
  • Nobody deserves to be treated this way, being stuck to a contract that does no good for them. For example, imagine if it was you in a work situation that you hated, and you were forced to stay there? Plus, not that have hugely followed her but I do believe Kesha has a great heart: she’s always seemingly kind to fans, is a huge supporter of the LGBT+ community and other charities/important causes and makes great music filled with hidden messages of positivity.
  • I believe that it proves inequality still exists, for if the story was reversed, and a man was in Kesha’s position, the situation would probably be handled very differently.
  • It also proves America still isn’t the “Freedom Land” it should be.

What’s even sadder, is there isn’t much we can do. The best we can do is keep raising awareness of #FreeKesha. I hope she gets what she really deserves soon, which is her freedom and justice.

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