I recently took a chance on the highly recommended West End play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” as I had purchased tickets for my family as a christmas present (though we decided to go after the busy Christmas period) as it seemed like it had a wide appeal, felt like something different and in particular my sister was keen to go as she was a fan of the book.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, and here’s why I think I should you see it too!

Firstly, just to briefly summarise the story: A dog has been killed, and a young autistic boy with an extraordinary mind called Christopher is keen to find out who did it. This then takes him on a complex journey, filled with ups and downs.

As for the show: it is a play based on the book of the same name and is bursting with drama and comedy, that is cleverly held together by a cast of 12.

Also, I will say that I had not gained any prior knowledge, as I’d never read the book and avoided looking too much into the show.

Here’s five simple reasons why you should see it…

  1. Stunning Visuals & Sets – The visuals and sets in this play are incredible. (Note: We were at the back of the stalls, meaning we missed some of the top of the stage due to the overhang of the floor above, but despite that the view was still great and you could see 99% of the show), the stage was set-out to look like a cube which related to his love of maths. The lighting, screen graphics and sound cleverly drove you through the story, and is done so beautifully that it really is a visual treat.
  2. Great Story & Important Issues – As loosely explained earlier, the story is interesting and full of heart. It’s a story that touches on many important issues too, such as: autism, anxiety, family issues, trust issues and many more. It is a really great way of bringing these issues to light, as I believe it can give people a slightly better understanding and sympathetic view towards those in similar situations. It’s also great for the fact it gives those suffering with any of these issues (or similar issues) a representation. It proves that it’s okay to have flaws, you can still be a great person that can do great things. I think more positive messages and representations like this should be shared through entertainment mediums like theatre, film and TV.
  3. Casting & a Dog! – As there was only a cast of 12, I was hugely impressed. I thought the cast were great, and from what I understand by reading an excerpt of the programme I purchased, each actor that has played the character of Christopher gives completely their own interpretation of the character- therefore they may portray the effects of autism differently, which I think is great as it’s such a broad spectrum. There is also a bonus of an adorable puppy, that had the audience awwwing with delight!
  4. Appeals to Everyone – Again, as something I mentioned earlier, this was something I took my family too, so between 4 of us our ages ranged from 18-50 and the audience spanned much more than this and everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a story that I think anyone could follow and appreciate.
  5. Inspiring – Finally, I think this is something we all look for in everything we see: inspiration. After having my doubts, as I had no prior knowledge, I was relieved to discover it does have a happy and uplifting ending.

I can definitely see why it has won the hearts of audiences world over, and picked up several awards including 7 Olivier Awards and 5 Tony Awards.

Have you read the book, seen the play, or both? If you have let me know your thoughts! Even if you haven’t, let me know your thoughts too!