Anyone that knows me, will know that London is a city that owns my heart. I often question why, as I imagine others do too, so I thought I’d compile a few points of why I adore London (in no particular order!).

  1. The Buildings – This may sound silly, but I find the buildings in London so deeply fascinating. There are so many shapes, sizes and styles of them. For example: You get the upmarket areas like Notting Hill, where they are tall and grand, filled with quirky details. Then there’s the business side, with everything being tall and made of glass like Canary Wharf. There’s also the antiques, such as theatre land, where there is detailing on every inch of the buildings. The saying of “always look up” seems very fitting in this city, as there can be so many hidden treasures in the architecture.
  2. Never Boring – I’m a firm believer of the fact there’s never a dull moment if you’re in London. Although not everything is ‘cheap’ in the capital of the UK, I believe that if you look for the hidden treasures you’re bound to find some great spots. For an example of what you can explore: As later mentioned you have the obvious like the West End, or there’s the rest of the exciting entertainment scene (that covers the likes of music, comedy, dance and more, with the big venues like Wembley or the O2, but also the smaller places like Brixton, O2 academy’s & Hammersmith). The big tourist pull-ins (like London Zoo, Sealife Centre, London Dungeons, Madame Tussauds and more). The museums (many of which are actually free unless you give the suggested donation or want to attend some special exhibitions). The shopping experience (where you have the likes of Westfield, Oxford Street, Camden Markets, Portobello Market/Notting Hill and Carnaby Street). Pop-up or special events frequently occur (such as the recent “Lumiere London” or Chinese New Year celebrations). Exciting places to eat or drink (like Camden market or one of my personal favourites, The Theatre Cafe) There’s a multitude of things to be explored.
  3. Fangirl Life – As I’ve spoke about it in a few blogs before, I might as well mention it here too. If you’re a “Fangirl” in the UK, or even Europe for that matter, London is pretty much the central place for events where your favourite celebrities may be. Whether it be for Radio shows, TV appearances, film premieres or other red carpet events, signings, concerts/gigs, or maybe even in the West End. More often than not, they will spend some of their time in London for various things! (Note: You must still remember they’re still human though, and that there are boundaries. There’s more on this topic here: x & x)
  4. The West End – One of the two theatre capitals, alongside New York’s Broadway, it’s one of the parts of London that people from all over the world flock to visit. There’s a huge range of shows and theatres that span across London that give people a chance to escape reality and be entertained, which a tradition that has reigned for years. While it’s often classed as “expensive” (which i’m not denying) but there’s usually plenty of deals, offers and discounts to be found if you look for them!
  5. The History – There is a mountain of history around London, and I know this is true for every part of the world, but I just love the development of London. When you think of all the iconic parts of history that have taken place in and around the city, it’s amazing how much has changed over the years. For example, you have the gruesome and cruel side: Henry VIII (the 8th), Bloody Mary, The legend of Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper, Guy Fawkes and the many torture devices and barbaric acts of cruelty. The entertainment & arts side: Shakespeare, The Globe and the rise of Theatre, Charles Dickens and beyond. The important events: The great fire of London, World War I & II, the Plague, riots, protests, the Suffragette movement, The gay rights movement, royalty and more. There’s so much attached to the city, and while not all of it may be positive, I have no doubt in the fact it has helped shape the City, Country and potentially even the World to where it is now. There’s still many more steps forward to be made, and it will never be perfect, but I respect it no less.
  6. City Life – I don’t know what it is about city life, but I’m just obsessed with it. I feel happiest when i’m in a city, this isn’t limited to London – the gracious capital of the UK, but it’s probably where I feel most home. Something about it just has my heart.

And well, I can’t explain it much more than that! I know like anywhere, it does of course have it’s cons too, but despite it’s flaws, it still has my heart and I hope that one day I get a chance to live or work there, even if for a limited period. This may sound lame to some- but I believe deep down we all have that special or dream place we wish to be, and I guess this could be mine.