I adore films, incase you hadn’t gathered that yet, and I thought it had been a while since I did a blog of this theme… And as payday recently happened, I couldn’t quite stop myself from going on a bit of a film haul.

Here’s what happened, and an insight into my ever-growing film collection…

  1. Payday purchases – I ended up buying 5 DVDs as payday treats to myself. This included the wonderful “Suffragette”, which I saw it in the cinema around the time of its release and I fell in love. I loved everything about it, and I hope to encourage everyone I know to see it too, for it is so powerful. I also brought “Freeheld”, which I haven’t seen yet, but I’m a fan of Julianne Moore and the subject looked really interesting but it wasn’t widely released in the UK so I missed it in cinemas therefore I’m excited to see what it’s all about. Then I brought “The Intern”, which I watched recently and this is another fun and comical Nancy Meyers classic. Going back a little further, I also finally got my hands on “Les Miserables” and “Kinky Boots”. I watched Les Mis for the first time in November and finally understood why people love it so much, so it’s about time I got my copy! I chose Kinky Boots for the fact the stage musical is now one of my favourite shows, while the film version isn’t a musical, I’m excited to relive the story as it’s a brilliant uplifting story. IMG_5510
  2. Disney Collection – Over the years, I’ve been trying to move my original Disney video collection onto DVD (even though the Video is still beautiful and I can still play it) and I’ve got it to pretty much got my collection where I want it, with a mix of classics, pixar and live action.
  3. General Collection – I have a whole host of other films; mainly a mix of musicals, celebrity and romance/dramas/crime/comedies… but you may notice I tend to choose a lot of the films I watch based on actor/actress (so you will find a lot of Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Meryl, Streep and Sandra Bullock films!) but I like so many different things, this collection just contains some of my favourite films.

Anything else I watch tends to be stuff from my friends or sisters collections, Netflix, NowTV or whatever other service I can find!

Do you have an extensive film collection too? What are your favourite films? What is my collection missing? Let me know!

*Note: Apologies for the rubbish photo quality, I just took some quick snaps on my phone!