Style: It’s something unique and personal to all of us, we can change and amend it whenever we like, and we can style ourselves to cater for our personalities.

For something different to what I normally write about, I’m going to talk about my style: how it’s changed and give you a taster of my latest clothing hauls and some of my favourite pieces.

My style changes frequently, this happens to all of us as we grow, change interests and what we’re doing.

For a very long time, I was addicted to band merchandise: I would wear tour t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers with my favourite artists on. I think it’s fun to represent your favourite celebrity and make yourself known that you’re their fan! However, as I’ve grown up, it’s rare that I wear them as often. Though I still do from time to time, and I definitely haven’t got rid of much, it’s still all in my possession, and things like tour t-shirts in particular can hold a whole host of memories.

Also for a while, I was really addicted to slogan and Disney t-shirts (or a cross between both!). With slogan tops, I think it’s fun to make a statement, it gets across a message that means something to you or showcases your taste in humour or beliefs. Disney tops is pretty similar and self-explanatory, because I just adore Disney! (And to be honest, I still wear a lot of them!).

As I have mentioned before briefly, I recently got a new job. With that came the realisation I probably needed to step away from the constant Disney/Slogan tops and fit into an office environment, so I’ve changed my style a little bit and headed towards a more “grown up” look with plaid shirts and simplistic tops.

Here’s my latest fashion hauls, over the last month or so, mixed with some of my favourite bits of my wardrobe:

I just felt like giving you a little flavour of my style, and an insight to how it changes so often. As you can see roughly, my wardrobe at the moment is a mix of fun and business. That’s why fashion can be fun, while i’m no expert and a lot of the clothes I buy are cheap and disposable, it’s just fun to change your look from time to time. There are no rules in fashion/style. What is your current style or obsession?! Let me know!

*Note: Apologies for the rather rubbishy photo quality, I just took some quick snaps on my phone. Also, I don’t normally “fashion” blog so this is just a little trial at something new, I hope you like it!