This wasn’t really a phrase I was familiar with until the last few years, but now I am endlessly melting over fictional “ships” – no not actual ships. I’m talking about the phrase coined by teenagers which means when people or fictional characters are paired together for a romantic relationship.

So, I thought why not make a completely silly and fun post about some of my favourite “ships” from TV shows and films, and explain why they are matches made in heaven.

Note: I don’t read fanfiction, therefore I’m just basing this on relationships or people who I wish were in relationships on fictional TV shows & films. 

  1. Ross & Rachel (FRIENDS) – My everything goals. They may have been and gone for over 10 years (and entirely problematic within the 10 series), but every time I see them together I can’t help but welp slightly. I just love them, and in all honesty I don’t even really know why, I can’t explain it but even with their problems they seem so perfect for each other because no matter how hard they try, they always seem to find themselves back into one another’s arms and I believe their story ended the way everyone wanted and needed it to.
  2. Miranda & Gary (Miranda) – If you haven’t seen the British sitcom “Miranda”, I highly advise that you to. It is genius. It speaks for awkward women and girls everywhere, with romance, drama and hysterical comedy. There’s something so magical about the connection between Miranda and Gary, their friendship is something that grows over time, and in fact elements of their storyline reminds me of Ross & Rachel so maybe that’s what makes me love them more? But they are great!
  3. Monica & Chandler (FRIENDS) – I’m going to keep it short and sweet, because who doesn’t love them? They are perfect for each other in every way, and I think they portray the relationship we all hope for!
  4. Mr Grove & Miss Mardle (Mr Selfridge) – Mr Selfridge is a British drama, with several twists and turns over four series, and these are two characters that always stood out to me. I love many of the couples in the show (even if it’s the same character with someone else!), but these two are by far my favourite and while their situation is complex with many layers, in the end you can tell they are meant to be together. If you haven’t seen this show, it’s definitely worth a watch.
  5. Phoebe & Joey or Mike (FRIENDS) – I’m cheating here, because I realise I’ve included all of the Friends characters (but I mean, they are great) and because I genuinely cannot decide between Joey and Mike. While she ends up with Mike, who is absolutely wonderful. I can’t help, like many other fans, to wish that there was something more between Phoebe and Joey, and I know that even the actors Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc wished the same but if not their friendship is beautiful anyway.
  6. Donna & Sam (Mamma Mia!) – In the film and musical, I cannot help but adore this pairing. While he did crush Donna’s heart for many years, the fact he never gave up on her proves his determination to win her back, even several years later and when you see them together, you know that they have something special!
  7. Margret & Andrew (The Proposal) – While this may not be an obvious choice, The Proposal is one of my go-to films as it never fails to cheer me up and give me some laughs. While initially they seem like almost sworn enemies that would never work, not even for a green card marriage, but they end up falling in love in the best way. It’s such a silly story really, but I think Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds make it great.
  8. Ana & William (Notting Hill) – Another one of my go-to films, which I believe again is a slightly crazy story but is made great by the cast of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, who create a magic connection through a chance meeting and both characters are filled with such charm, it’s hard not to be overjoyed when they hit the typical happy ever after ending.
  9. Mrs Posten & Mr Church (Big School) – This is another British series, which has me laughing out loud endlessly. Annoyingly, it wasn’t that popular so it never really got an obvious conclusion as to what happened next, but while they have a complex and crazy “relationship” (if you can actually call it that!), they need to be together!
  10. Danny & Sandy (Grease) – You kind of have to include them don’t you? Everybody has seen Grease and loves it, and we all know they’re the dream couple! We all want to be as hot and cute as Sandy, and as cool and trendy as Danny.

There you have it, 10 fictional ships that I love! Who are your favourite fiction couples? Or who am I missing? Hope you enjoyed this super silly post!