I found this image on Facebook, and was going to do a post on it myself. However, I found the original blog and though I’d let her keep her words, as she summed it up pretty well.

If you use cosmetics (and we all do, in some way, shape or form), do read up on this and be aware of it. As animal testing is banned in the UK/EU, and nobody wants to cause harm to an innocent little animal, right?

Moonstone Mountain

I think we can all agree that it’s not cool to test on animals, especially for something as silly as make up. It’s cruel, inhumane and actually quite pointless (how do we know that what doesn’t affect a rabbit or a rat won’t affect a human?). I began to make the switch to cruelty free cosmetics before I was vegan, but now that I am vegan I have even more fire in my belly to spread the word about cruelty free living.

The best thing is, it’s soooo easy to make the switch to cruelty free when you know what you’re looking for. The hard part is finding out which companies do and don’t test, because the ones that do test are very shady about it and cleverly word their FAQs to sound like they’re the good guys.

The testing of cosmetics and toiletries on animals has been banned in the UK…

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