Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel. So many of us feel this, and I’m no different. So here’s 7 places I’d love to travel and why, and a quick summary of my favourite places!

5 Places I want to visit… 

  1. Italy – This is one place I’ve always wanted to go, I don’t really know why, but it has just always struck me as such a beautiful country with striking architecture, exciting culture, and the cuisine is one of my favourites (I mean I could probably eat pasta everyday). There the capital of Rome with it’s historic Coliseum, the fashion-forward Milan, Venice’s stunning canal and Pisa’s leaning tower! There’s so many elements in one country, and I really hope I get to visit at least some part of the country within the next few years.
  2. New York – A city of my dreams. For ages, I didn’t really understand the hype around New York. I used to see it as a place that was too busy, however upon discovering my love for London and Musicals, it has now become a place I dream of. As it’s no secret I adore the theatre, visiting Broadway would be an absolute dream. I’d love to spot the external shot locations of Friends (as it’s no secret I adore that TV show too!), stroll Central Park, revel in the madness of Times Square, seek out the iconic venues like Madison Square and Radio City and enjoy the typical tourist points such as the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre, 9/11 Memorial and The Empire State Building. I was devastated that I couldn’t afford a college trip there last year, but this is very much a long term goal for when hopefully I’m at a point in my life where I can afford it without worry.
  3. California – I’d love to visit LA to revel in the celebrity culture such at the walk the Hollywood walk of fame, the Hollywood sign, the iconic venues of LA, the Warner Brothers Studio tour, take a stroll in Beverley Hills along Rodeo Drive and Disneyland! I’d also like to experience the beautiful beaches. Santa Barbara also appeals to me as it’s the place one of my idols, Katy Perry, grew up and as a fan it would be interesting to see what it was like there (and I know many fans have gone there for the same reason!).
  4. Florida – The main point of interest for me is in Orlando which is of course, DisneyWorld, aka the biggest Disney Park of them all! I’ve only been to the Paris Disneyland, which is wonderful, but I know it wouldn’t come close to the Florida resort! They also have the Universal Studios nearby, which look equally as fun. Similar to California, they have a great coastline here too, so i’d love to visit some of their iconic beaches.
  5. Africa – I would love to visit Africa to see a completely different culture. The scenery would be breathtaking. As an animal lover, I’d love to take a wildlife safari and witness these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats. The coastline in the South would be great to see. Also, just to be stunned by the sharp contrast between the rich/poor and nature/man made I feel would be quite something.
  6. The Netherlands (Holland) – Particularly Amsterdam, but unlike the majority, I have no interest in the ‘red light district’. However, I am interested in the culture, the various galleries/museums; especially the Anne Frank house, the design (as it seems very artistic there), the canal and the scenery in general.
  7. Germany – I actually don’t really know what appeals to me about Germany, but it looks an interesting place to visit, especially the major cities like Berlin, Munich and Cologne.

I’m just interested in the world in general though, and would happily travel almost anywhere…

Favourite Places:

  1. The UK – Although it is my home Country, I do love it. The capital city, London is particularly special to me, as explained here in my other blog. However, I think we’re quite fortunate in the fact you can relatively easily travel from one end of the country to another within a day and that there is a good balance of natural and rural areas, and the man-made and city areas. I haven’t even visited 50% of my own Country yet, but the parts I have been have all been nice and there’s plenty more I still want to visit; like Ireland, Newcastle, Manchester and Wales.
  2. France – I’ve been to a few parts of France, including the lovely small Southern town of Mirepoix which is full of typical French culture and history, plus Andorra, Carcassone and a few small areas or scenic drives in the South. I’ve also been to Disneyland, of course! And spent a few hours in Paris soaking up some sights. We also once did a drive through the country to get to Mirepoix so we touched down in a couple of random places. However, there’s still a lot more of the country I’d like to see; like Cannes, the Southern Coast, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse and i’d like to have another explore of Paris as I didn’t get to hit all the spots I wanted to.

(Okay, so I may have cheated here, as they’re basically the only places I’ve travelled to… but I do genuinely love them!)

Anyway, so yes, that’s my travel wish-list. What places are on your wish list, or are your favourite? What places am I missing?