As you should know by now, I’m a slight Lush addict… so I thought I would pass on some of my hints, tips, tricks and facts of things you may have missed or if you’re new to being a Lush fan this might get you started!

  • Recycle! – Have you brought yourself something in a little black pot? (Such as face masks) Well save them! If you wash them up after use, store them, then once you’ve got to five pots you can take them to your local store where you can recycle them and exchange them for a free face mask! Saving the planet while cleaning your skin, who can complain? You can also recycle other pots and shower gel bottles, though they don’t stand in the same offer.
  • On a budget? – You can pick up some “luxury bath oils” (also known as bath melts) for as little as £2. While they only last one bath, they are great for a quick little fix and making your skin feel super silky soft! There’s a variety of scents and colours available, though my personal favourite is the MMMelting Marshmallow Moment.
  • Make it last – If you have a face mask, they need to be kept in the fridge and this will keep it cool, fresh and lasting longer. As for the bubble bars or reusable bubble bars, they tend to sometimes be a little more in cost but these can last up to 2+ baths, depending on what one you have so stretch the uses on it and use an amount that suits you.
  • Online orders – If you’ve ordered something online, you may notice that you don’t get the little brown bags and the solution for that other than keeping it in the box (which can take up a lot of a room), would be to keep and recycle old bags from your in-store purchases, get yourself a fancy tin or box (such as ones you may get from the gift sets) or wrap them in cling film!
  • Lacking bubbles? – This may sound ridiculous, but get yourself a bath whisk! We’ve had one in our bathroom for years (just a cheap plastic one) and once you’ve crumbled your bubble bar into your hot water, just give the water a quick whisk and you can make it as bubbly as you desire! (It’s also handy for helping you get a good bath temperature!)
  • Don’t be afraid – Simply, don’t be afraid to try something different as it may be the product you never knew you needed! They do so much more than the bath bombs, so be brave and try some cosmetics, hair products or face masks. Not everything will work for you, but it’s worth a shot at least.
  • Great ethics – While it’s fairly obvious, they do support great campaigns. They’re vegan friendly, use natural products, against animal testing and in support of animal welfare, support LGBT+ and so many other great causes. Make sure you pay attention to them and look out for some of the (usually limited edition) products that give a percentage of the sales to donate to the causes! You can then further research into the causes that you especially support, and go even further with it. Also, their ethos with their staff is great too- which you can read a bit more about here or research on YouTube for some documentaries or look at their channel for what goes on.
  • Exclusive products – The two main places to find yourself some exclusive products, there’s Lush Oxford Street or online at the Lush Kitchen. With Oxford Street, it’s currently the biggest store with 3 floors and they have a few exclusive products that you can only get there, though sometimes they appear online or have moved into other stores a few months later. As for the kitchen, every week they create a new ‘menu’ which often sell out very quickly as they’re limited batches and these are either discontinued products, trials of new products, previous seasonal specials or just something different they created just because!
  • Seasons matter! – Lush love seasonal collections, they tend to do them for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas/New Year.. so around these times always keep your eyes peeled for some of the limited edition products! Similarly, linking back to the point of ethics, they sometimes do products linked to their causes, like they recently did the #GayIsOK soap.

Hope you enjoyed and learned from these points, and happy Lushing!

**Photo: from Google, credit to owner.