I don’t know about you, but usually i’m not too bothered about new apps and technology. However, I noticed one of my friends on Twitter kept posting from a new app called REX… and me being the curious being that I am, couldn’t help investigating further, so I downloaded the app for free on the app store, now I think I might be hooked!

REX is a new app which allows you to share recommendations with friends.

They believe the best recommendations come from people you trust, which is true in many cases. Therefore they built and iOS app where you can share your favourite movies, music, books, TV shows, videos, restaurants, bars, travel destinations, and anything else you like!

It’s such a simple concept, but a great one at that. It’s almost like a cross between Pinterest, Trip Advisor and Blogging!

The features include the obvious, of being able to share anything that’s too good to keep to yourself. But you can also check out other recommendations by following friends, exploring featured and trending content, filter by category or look on a map to see places down the street, or on the other side of the world from friends and experts alike.

It also includes a like, comment and repost feature – much like all our other favourite social medias.

And it’s easy to just click any post to watch, read, download, listen to, purchase or learn more about it. But if you don’t have the time there’s a “vault” button where you save posts you want to checkout later (which is something i’m ALWAYS doing on Facebook and Twitter).

While I’m still getting to grips with this handy little tool, I’m really enjoying sharing some of my favourite things and discovering some new things too. Though my profile still needs to grow a little more!

But feel free to follow me, and find out a few of my favourite things and share yours too… @mynamemolly_