Following this post from a while back…

There’s an update: MPs (in the UK) have said they were “open to the possibility” of a microbeads ban.

And you can help take it further…

1) There’s an app! You can download the ‘Beat the Microbead’ app and use it to identify the products in your house that contain microbeads. It’s free to download and there’s an option to add missing products to their database:

2) You could send your microbead-containing products back to the the company who made them! It’s virtually impossible for us as consumers to dispose of microbeads responsibly so we need the manufacturers to take responsibility for the plastic-polluters in their products.

Remember to include a note telling them why you’re sending the product back and your contact details so they can get back to you with a response!

3) Send Greenpeace your suggestions for alternatives to microbeads –! Whether it’s a trusty homemade face scrub or your favourite microbead-free toothpaste, they want your tips for dodging these tiny plastic polluters, then they’ll post a blog compiling all the ideas.

Hope you enjoy this update, and can contribute to making a difference!

molly the blogger

Recently, as I was scrolling through Twitter like I do most-days, I came across an article declaring that Microbeads (found in facewashes & other liquid soaps) were being banned in America, so I was eager to find out why.

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