I always tell myself I need to calm my spending on Lush, but I think I’m addicted because I made the mistake of going onto the Lush Kitchen a few weeks ago, as well as the Oxford Street store late last month and I caved into going on a mini haul both times. So here’s the low down on what the latest products i’ve been trying are!

 1) Flying Saucers Liquid Bubble Bath – This is an exclusive product from the Lush Kitchen, and I was drawn in simply because I’ve never noticed a Lush Liquid Bubble Bath before and I was rather excited by this new discovery, so I couldn’t resist it. Especially as it was something I could share with my family and for us to all enjoy (as we all love bubble baths!), so it felt a nice treat.

The key ingredients are Honey Water and Ylang Ylang, which make it looks and smell exactly like Honey, so it’s rather sweet. However, the subtle addition of Cypress Oil helps balance it out a little bit. I admit, I’m not actually a fan of Honey much, so this was a bit of a risk… however I did enjoy it.

It was a rather calming scent, I feel I lost the smell a bit once it was in water- but this may have been because I had a Face Mask on at the same time which would have overpowered the smell, which seems likely as my parents said it was really strong!

It produced a lot of bubbles (with the aid of my bath whisk, as explained here) and left me feeling really clean and fresh. An exciting new product, and I definitely think if they did more it would be a success. I’d personally love to see a Snow Fairy/Comforter one!

2) Pooh Sticks – From the description online it sounded miles from my usual choosing, therefore I actually got this from the Lush Kitchen for my mother as a treat to try as it had a lot of scents she likes.

Though once it arrived, I was slightly jealous as it was sweeter than I expected and smelt better than I anticipated!

The key ingredients include dried liquorice root, cinnamon sticks, rosewood oil and pimento berry oil with a hint of citrus oils with the product description of “this heart-warming, storybook soak will carry your mind into the forest and just around the river bend”.

Mum enjoyed it, though she admitted she’s had better

3) Sex Bomb – This bath bomb is one I remember my mum really liking when I was a kid, and she’d normally get it for her birthday or christmas. Though I don’t think I’d ever actually tried it, despite loving it’s smell and design for so long!

As i’ve mentioned before, I’m naturally drawn to the pink and sweet smelling products, plus it’s kind of nice to have the memory attached, and something about it obviously proves popular as it one of the longer standing products. So i’m excited to try this within the next few days!

4) Granny Takes A Dip  This is one of my favourites, and I hadn’t had it in a while so I mainly got it to bulk up my order (because you know, any excuse really) and while it’s a fairly standard bubble bar that only lasts about 2 baths, I just really enjoy its psychedelic colours and mild bubbliness.

5) The Comforter  This is a classic. Another one of the long reigning lush successes, and when you use it, you soon know why. I’ve had it quite a few times before, but I hadn’t had in a while hence the reason of picking it up in London. It smells sweet but calming, gives you oodles of bubbles (and the bar can last up to 4 baths or more) and leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

6) Lava Lamp Another Oxford Street Exclusive bath bomb (though it’s just appeared online) that I just couldn’t resist. I was drawn into it’s retro 80s look, being bright orange with purple dots, as well as it’s fresh citrus scent.

My friend encouraged the worker to show us what it was like in store, and without further hesitation we were both keen to try it!

As I already knew, it looked and smelt amazing, then once it had fizzed it became oily, almost like the melts. Therefore leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised. The only downfall is that the purple colouring in the oils began to stain the bath- which is easy enough to wipe away but not always convenient.

7) Sacred Lotus – This was an Oxford Street Exclusive, and it smelt very sweet and floral. But it reminded me of Rapunzel from Tangled, with it’s design and beautiful colours of purple, yellow and white. A fairly mediocre bath bomb, though I still enjoyed it as it felt very calming.

8) Prince Of Darkness – This Face Mask is an Oxford Street exclusive. Though I wish it wasn’t! My friend first used this product last year, and she claimed it was the best face mask she’s used and is always keen to pick it up whenever she’s in London. Therefore, on her recommendation I thought i’d give it a try… now i’m hooked too! It’s a smooth and easy apply, and is a deep black colour (practically like charcoal) with exfoliating properties. It works wonders on the skin!

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