With Father’s Day just around the corner on the 19th of June, and payday just having happened for most of us, there’s no denying that men aren’t always the easiest people to buy for and often whenever you question your parents about presents they’ll either respond “I don’t know…” or “you don’t have to get me anything!”. 

Therefore, I thought i’d share a few of my gift ideas, incase you were truly lacking inspiration.

Note: I’m basing this on the UK date of 19th of June 2016 – it may vary around the world. 

And I appreciate that days like this are slightly cliché, and that we should celebrate and treat our mothers and/or fathers daily. However, they exist to remind us to remind them that we are grateful for the work they do for us. 

I also understand that Father’s Day doesn’t always mean great things for many people. If this is the case for you, I apologise and am thinking of you. Instead, you can celebrate the other relevant person or just ignore the day and this post! 

But to those that do have Father’s to celebrate, here’s some ideas of how to treat them…

  • Lush (or other bath bits) Yes, Lush is for men too! In fact, they’ve even created a set of products and gift sets for them hereAlternatively, you could just opt for something cheaper like Radox products, as they have a whole host of unisex products, as you can see here. Or whatever other products they may like – shaving creams, shower gels, etc.
  • Something practical – Okay so I appreciate that this is extremely broad, but look at his interests or his job and think about whether there something useful and practical that he could actually benefit from. For example if he was into fishing, could you get him some equipment for it? Or does he work in an office? Maybe you could get him some new stationary. Does he love cooking? Perhaps you could look for something relevant to that.
  • Something stupid – Again, something that’s rather broad… but there’s something about men loving stupid things. Whether it be a keyring, a game, funny little ornaments or stationary, they can be so easily amused sometimes. But again, you can link this into their jobs or hobbies!
  • Clothing – Even if it’s something as simple as socks… he’ll always need clothing! It’s not always easy to know a mans style or sizing but if you do, this could be a route to look at. Or maybe you can ask him to point something out!
  • Gift Cards – You can get a gift card for almost anything now from shops to entertainment, and it may be an easier option but the thought is still there as it proves you take note of their interests. Some of my favourite ideas, that almost anyone can enjoy are: restaurants (let them enjoy a nice meal out at their favourite restaurant!), Cinema (do they love films but struggle in finding the time or money? Well encourage them to make the time!), Ticketing sites (Do they enjoy gigs, festivals or theatre? Contribute to them choosing a show of their choice!) or Amazon/Specific shops (there’s something for everyone on Amazon, so this is quite good, but if you know they love or regularly use a specific shop you could try that too!). 
  • Get creative! – Again this option is slightly broad… one example is to look at Photobox as they allow you to create a range of printed products like canvases, photo books, posters and mugs. Or there’s Redbubble, which I blogged about before hereOr you could simply make something yourself- cook a meal or desert? if you have a talent for art, draw/paint something? scrapbook or collage? There’s so many options of things to make and do. Maybe you could even do it together!

And that’s it! I hope you liked my suggestions, and find something in time for June 19th!