Another bank holiday weekend has just happened, so what does that mean for me? A film binge of course!

There was some major releases in the cinemas this weekend, that I simply couldn’t resist! As well as a few other things…

First up, we have Alice Through The Looking Glass –


If i’m honest, despite being a huge fan of all things Alice In Wonderland and Disney… the 2010 live action remake was enjoyable, but it isn’t my favourite of the remakes or live action films from Disney in recent years. I don’t know why that is – I just didn’t rate it as much as I anticipated that I would at the time.

However, upon hearing the news a while ago that they were doing a second instalment, titled Alice Through The Looking Glass, I was very excited and have been up until the release… and I wasn’t let down.

It’s actually rather difficult to describe the story, without giving it away too much. Though in the simplest of forms, Alice (Mia Wizowski) ends up back in “Underland” with her friends from the first film, and ends up travelling in the past to save The Hatter (Johnny Depp).

There’s no denying that this cast is incredible, with the likes of Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen and the voice of the wonderful late Alan Rickman all involved, it’s a sure winner.

The equally brilliant crew also deserve a mention too, as Tim Burton stepped back to being just a producer rather than director like he was on the first, so James Bobin stepped up and kept it to the style of the first but added his own touch too. Danny Elfman did the score again, which was chillingly perfect, like it always is with him.

As for the visuals, it’s simply stunning. The costumes, make-up and use of effects, CGI and set is incredible. I took the punt at viewing it in IMAX, and I really enjoyed the experience. The attention to detail was flawless. 

Overall, I found it much better than the first, and I was gripped through-out with it’s dark mix of action, drama, emotion, power, and humour. It gave a real tale of what friendship and family means, which left me and my sister in tears, as the messages it ends with are lovely and inspiring. It’s definitely one to watch if you love the themes mentioned above, fantasy and Disney. Out now ★★★★★

Following that, I saw Money Monster – 


As I may or may not have mentioned before, I’m a bit of a Julia Roberts fan (who isn’t?) and I know that her and George Clooney are good friends so I was quite excited by this film when I first heard about it some time ago, even though it wasn’t the typical type of film I opt for.

It premiered at Cannes a few weeks ago, and i’ve been hearing great things ever since which was heightening my excitement for it.

To sum up the story simply, Lee Gates (George Clooney) is a popular TV show host, of a financial programme called ‘Money Monster’, but both he and his director/producer, Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) are stuck in an extremely tricky situation when a very angry investor takes over their studio and holds them all hostage giving everyone a race against time.

As a fan of film in general, I was impressed by it’s brave move of the fact it is set in predominantly one location, across 24 hours. Yet the story and cinematography was enough to fully immerse you into the intense situation. This style isn’t always easy to achieve, but for this it worked. And something about it felt very real; with themes of people abusing their power, losing trust in those in higher positions than ourselves and that hostages have and can still happen.

The story was mildly above me, as I personally don’t fully understand how money works with shares, stock and such, but despite that I didn’t feel alienated and I was still gripped by the story.

With Jodie Foster directing, and a cast that includes George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell and Dominic West it was clear that it would be pretty successful, which was proven by the fact the cinema was pretty much packed on a bank holiday afternoon. Each cast member of the cast gave brilliant and believable performances, but I think in particular Jack O’Connell as Kyle Budwell gave a chilling performance of what it’s like to be working class that are below the people in power and on the verge of breaking point.

Overall, it was much better that I anticipated. With intense drama from the off, I remained gripped through-out, as did the audience around me. There were some comedic moments too, and it’s obvious that Clooney and Roberts have great chemistry. Perfect for those who don’t mind a little bit of a thrill! Out now ★★★★

Also – 

To continue making the most of watching a few films while having some extra time, I went on a film binge in town, gathering this collection;

IMG_3486Which features: Tamara Drewe, Mrs Henderson Presents, The Adjustment Bureau, Love & Other Drugs, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ricki and The Flash and School Of Rock.

I ended up watching Love & Other Drugs (2010), I have had on my ‘watch list’ for ages and fell in love with it straight away. A young woman with early on-set Parkinson’s, meets a former player boy and they fall in love, even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves and each other, and with the fact they know it won’t be easy. ★★★★

I also watched Mrs Henderson Presents (2005), which tells a story of a widow who buys the run-down Windmill Theatre, which soon houses ‘The Windmill Girls’ – burlesque performers who are bringing a little bit of joy to the dark times of WWII. I kind of wish I were seeing the musical now! ★★★

Finally, I watched The Adjustment Bureau (2011), a romance, sci-fi, thriller film about fate. Two very different people become lovers who aren’t meant to be together – but they work hard to prove that they are. ★★★ 

So what’s next? Have you watched any films over this bank holiday weekend? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!