Thanks to the wonderful people at Cineworld, I got to go to my first Unlimited cardholder screening… and what luck I had when the announced they were doing an Unlimited Screening for Mother’s Day!

As I’ve mentioned before, I adore Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, so when I first heard last year that they were both going to in a film together, it’s fair to say I was extremely excited. Not only that, it was going to be in a Garry Marshall directed film – aka the man behind Pretty Woman and Valentine’s Day. Not a bad combo hey?

To give you an idea, the title is self-explanatory: It’s a film about Mother’s Day. Giving us an ensemble film that follows the lives of four different families, all facing Mother’s Day in varying ways.

We have Sandy (Jennifer Aniston), who is happily divorced until she finds out her ex-husband eloped with a much younger woman (Shay Mitchell), so she now she must learn to deal with the fact her two sons have a step-mum.

As for Bradley (Jason Sudeikis), he’s Mr Mum, trying hard to be the best parent for his two girls since their mum passed away.

Meanwhile, sisters Jesse (Kate Hudson) and Gabi (Sarah Chalke) get an unexpected surprise from their mother, who isn’t always supportive of their choices.

Miranda (Julia Roberts) doesn’t have any kids and is focusing on her career.

Finally, Kristin (Britt Robertson) is enjoying life as a new mother but is feeling pressure from her boyfriend (Jack Whitehall) to get married.

And each having intersecting lives…

Initially, despite my excitement based on casting, I was slightly sceptical as I know ensemble films can be tricky if not done well.

However, it was an easy-to-follow storyline, with an exciting cast that played their parts perfectly. Each character had a very clear personality, with qualities that we can all relate to in some way or another.

As something I was highly anticipating, it definitely didn’t disappoint and I think this is one of the finest of it’s genre that I’ve seen. Much like Valentine’s Day (which I also really enjoyed) I appreciate that it may cause mixed opinions, and I know this style of film isn’t for everyone.

But personally, I loved it. I think it gave real insights into the trials and tribulations that happen on Mother’s Day, it includes POC and LGBT+ characters (though I do feel they could have been mildly less stereotyped, but I still think it’s a positive) and most importantly it’s bursting with comedy, heart, drama and good feelings.

Go and see this film for some good ol’ light hearted entertainment! ★★★★

Out on the 10th of June (UK & Ireland) / Already out (US & most other countries). 

I’ve also recently watched Me Before You which I’d also give ★★★★ too – I just didn’t know how to review it without spoilers! But feel free to comment if you want to know more!

And I’m planning to see The Boss over the weekend, or early next week – so be sure to check back as I may share my thoughts or a star rating on that too!

What films have you seen recently? Are you planning to see any this weekend? 2016 definitely has an exciting and fun range of films releasing.