I’m not the best in the land of beauty, as I personally tend to keep myself rather low maintenance, therefore this a little step away from my usual musings but there’s a few little hints, tricks and tips that I have picked up over the years… and I thought why keep them to myself?

  1. Keeping clean – This is the most obvious thing ever, but it’s so important to wash your face with a flannel and water in the morning and evening, it freshens you up and helps keep your face clean. In turn, it’s also important to ensure any make-up you’re wearing is wiped off, even after a night out, because by leaving it on it isn’t helping your skin. If you can or want to, a small amount of moisturiser after washing can help keep your skin soft too.
  2. Toothpaste – Believe it or not, if you dab a small amount of standard toothpaste on the troublesome spot, it can help draw out the spots.
  3. Vaseline – Another strangle little gem is that if you put a small amount of vaseline on your eyelashes, it can help them grow. Also, as well as being a saviour for dry lips, it can work as a quick fix for mascara if you don’t have time or any to hand.
  4. Cucumber – The age old trick. Tired, sore or puffy eyes? Two slices of fresh cucumber will help you out!
  5. Hair care – I understand that for some people they feel the need to wash their hair daily, but this actually makes it MORE oily, so it’s better if you wash your hair every other day as it needs to produce natural oils to make it healthy. In turn, sleeping with wet hair can also make it more oily, and often it is better to let it dry naturally too.
  6. Shaving – Don’t dry shave, always try to use shower gel, bubbles from a bubble bath or a shaving cream. And shave in the direction the hair grows. These should weaken the risk of irritation, ingrown hairs and such! Also, try not to over-shave – let the hair grow back a bit first!
  7. Curly locks – Do you have straight hair but strive for curly locks? After a hair wash, plait your hair (the more plaits, the curlier you get!) and sleep with it – take them out in the morning for effortless wavy/curly locks.
  8. Top & Base coat – To help your nail varnish last longer, using a base coat and a top coat will help the colour last longer, protect/strengthen the nail and can also make it easier to remove.
  9. Suncream – You may be aiming for a tan, but suncream won’t stop that from happening, and it’s so important to protect your skin in the summer months. A minimum of 15 spf is advised, though the fairer your skin the stronger the spf factor you should be looking for.
  10. Eating – This is another obvious point, but keeping your diet balance is important in helping maintain your skin and bodies health.
  11. Natural products – When using any beauty products, I highly advise to look for the more natural and environmental products. For example; a roll-on deodorant is better for the environment than a spray. Check whether the brands you’re using are cruelty-free (learn more here). Avoid microbeads and other pollutants (see more here).
  12. Homemade spot treatment – I actually found this quick little homemade remedy on Tumblr, and was excited to try it. It’s as simple as mixing half a spoon of honey (ideally manuka, though normal works too) and half a spoon of cinnamon in a little pot. Then you rub it across your nose and face, massaging for about 3 minutes. Wash off, and you should find it’s cleared out blackheads and pores, reduces spots and softened the skin. (Though be warned that because of the cinnamon it may not be ideal for sensitive skin, and it can be quite strong so may cause some redness for a short period). I’m sure there are many other easy home remedies around too!
  13. Aromatherapy / Essential Oils – I won’t get too into this, as it’s a very wide topic, but essential oils are great. Not only to the smell amazing, especially when set-up in a diffuser. But they can also be great treatments for a variety of things, from lavender helping you to calm and sleep, to tea tree helping spots.
  14. Make-up brushes – As i’ve mentioned before, I don’t really wear make-up but I know that cleaning make-up brushes a minimum of once a week in hot water is important, as it helps fight against potential bacteria and breakouts.
  15. Sunglasses – As a kid, I couldn’t stand them, I thought I looked stupid and I just wouldn’t wear them, but now I swear by them. It’s really important to protect your eyes in the bright sunshine with sunnies. Even if you think there isn’t, there’s a pair for everyone. Plus it stops you from squinting!
  16. Perfume – In case you didn’t know, there is a difference between EDP (Eu Du Parfum) and EDT (Eu Du Toilette) perfumes. There’s not a lot in it, but the EDP’s tend to be slightly stronger and more long lasting. Also, how many of us rub our wrists together after a spritz of perfume? Well it’s time to stop, because it actually bruises the scent!
  17. Lush – I’ve previously given some Lush specific hints, tricks and tips too… which you can look back on here.

Finally, just be you! There is no real way to beautiful – as beauty comes from within. These are merely just a few things i’ve picked up and learnt over the years, some of which I use, some I don’t. But either way, I hope you’ve learnt some new things, and feel free to share your little nuggets of wisdom.

And if you’re keen for more, this is a great article that helped me on checking some facts!