Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration! But pretty much everyone that knows me, will know i’m a TOTAL diva that one month of the year… JUNE. Why? It’s my birthday month! (Okay so my birthday is in June, for just one date – 19th June – but it’s a month really isn’t it?!).

And despite being more of an introvert, I do love to drag it out for as long as possible. I don’t really know why i’m like that, but I mean, why not? It’s the one time a year you get to celebrate YOU. So for a completely silly (and self-obsessed) post, I thought i’d let you know what adventures I went on and give you a snapshot of it all; including some of the lovely gifts I received and such, just because. And well, because I’m grateful that I’m fortunate enough to be able to do and have exciting things that make me happy and be surrounded by great people in the process of it all!

With the weekends and a few days booked off work, it was time to have some fun! Here’s how I spent my 19th Birthday…


Yes, Mamma Mia! (here I go again)… I paid my THIRD visit to the Greek Island in the West End on June 11th (just over a week a before my birthday) as a present to myself with a fellow stagey friend. As I’ve said before, it is simply just one of my favourite shows because it brings me nothing but joy and warmth. Though this time it did have a slightly sombre mood, as it was the cast change night.

To those that don’t know what that means, it simply means that anywhere between one to all of the cast is changing; and in this case, all but four were leaving. In which I was particularly sad to see one of my favourite stage stars, Dianne Pilkington, leave the role of Donna, as she is stunning in the role. However, in ways this made it all the more exciting as both the cast and audience were giving it their all.

I will no doubt visit again, though it shall be strange without the faces i’m used to now! It was a day very well spent though.

During the day, I also took the time to explore the likes of Brick Lane, which was full of wonderful art, a free student art showcase and exciting independent shops, and a few shops on Oxford Street too which was good fun. Feel free to gander at some of the snaps from the day…

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My wish was granted! By pure luck, I had an opportunity to attend on the 16th June and I was beyond excited in the weeks leading up to it.

I spent the afternoon exploring the V&A museum, which included spending a large portion of my time in the Curtain Up exhibition which was crammed with staginess. From costumes, props, models of sets, recorded footage and more; and included shows like A Chorus Line, Curious Incident, Matilda, Lion King, War Horse and more. It was a wonderful exhibition, that I would highly recommend to any theatre fan.

However, they V&A as a whole was almost impossible to get round in even a day, let alone a couple of hours! Though what we did get to see was lovely and very diverse: from sculpture, to iron work, to paintings, to fashion and to continental. There was definitely something for everyone – I think it’s just a case of planning your trip as to what you want to see most.

As for Aladdin, read about my magical experience and thoughts hereAlso, check out some of our photos:

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Between the weekend of 17th-19th of June, I headed back to London and stayed with a friend over the weekend for my first West End Live experience, and my second visit to Kinky Boots.

For those that don’t know what West End Live is, it’s simply a free festival style event held every year for a weekend in June, where a host of current West End shows perform for free in Trafalgar Square (London).

So, for day one of West End Live, we arrived about an hour before it began but we were stunned at the mass of people. However, we managed to get in shortly after it had begun. (Though we were slightly gutted we missed the opening act – Motown). Though the day as a whole was incredible, we got to see so many wonderful shows and theatre stars perform – a large portion of which I had already seen and enjoyed, but there were many shows I hadn’t too. Some of my highlights were my personal favourite shows, Mamma Mia! and Kinky Boots, though both Les Mis and Phantom gave me chills, while some shows I found more exciting than I anticipated included Matilda and Thriller. We only missed a small portion due to going for food!

Shortly after it finished, we had a mere hour to kill before watching Kinky Boots. Which was only planned about 3 weeks (or so) prior, simply because a cast change was announced, and some of my favourite cast members were moving on in a few months and I didn’t want to miss it but feared I wouldn’t get time to go before their leave date (plus it’s one of my favourite shows that i’ve been trying to see again since I first saw it!). Therefore, we only opted for the cheapest ticket price, in which we were really pleased with our seats and the show itself was probably even better than my first visit in it’s previews!

We both left feeling overjoyed, as it’s nothing short of fabulous and highly uplifting. We also decided to head to stage door, and we got to say hello to Killian Donnelly (Charlie), Matt Henry (Lola) and Amy Lennox (Lauren), all of whom were lovely, happy to meet people and wish me happy birthday for the next day!

After resting and freshening up, it was my birthday and we set off for day two and got ourselves much nearer the start of the queue than the day before – giving us a slightly better spot. We then stayed to enjoy all of day two until about 5pm (because I had to head home) – some of my highlights from the Sunday were The Lion King, Beverley Knight for The Bodyguard, Pixie Lott for Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Kerry Ellis for Murder Ballad and Samantha Barks. 

However, everything about the weekend was wonderful and definitely a stagey delight! Here’s a snapshot of the weekend:

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While I spent majority of my birthday at West End Live, but I came home to some lovely cards and presents and caught up with another friend and some family on the Monday for a little buffet-style dinner and cake!

Some of my wonderful gifts include; tickets to Mary Poppins UK tour next month, Lush (watch out – as I’ll be doing a lush haul post again soon!), Vans, money/vouchers (including some theatre tokens!), chocolate (!), practical things (like clothing and nose strips), Pop! Vinyl figures, tsum tsums and other Disney merchandise. I thought I would give you a little insight to it all…

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As i’ve said in a previous blog, near mine and my friend Mollie’s birthdays we tend to see a show or something, on the 26th June (so not long now!), I head back to my favourite place once more to finally see the legendary The Lion King for the first time as my lovely treat! I’m so excited, especially after having West End Live to wet my appetite. I have no doubt i’ll love it and it’ll exceed all expectations, and look out – as I will probably do a separate blog/review on it in the coming weeks.

On the 28th June, by rule each month there is a birthday (or birthdays) in my workplace, we have one day in the month where we have a buffet style lunch to celebrate whoever’s birthday(s) it may be. We just have a spread of snacking food and yummy sweet treats. And each member of staff will sign a card and chip money in towards a gift (which I’ve already received, and very lovely it was too!) – I think it’s a lovely idea, as it makes everyone feel equal and it brings some fun into work, so that should be a nice end to the month!

Finally on the 16th of July, as mentioned earlier one of my presents was tickets to see the Mary Poppins UK tour in a nearby city, so I’m excited for that – and it will also most likely get a review/blog too so stick with me!

THAT’S ALL FOR NOW! I’ve had a really great month, and the only downfall was getting sunburnt on my birthday! But I hope you enjoyed reading about and having an insight into my adventures, in something a little silly and different again… feel free to chat with me about all these shenanigans in the comments!