Yet again proving I have no self control, I took another delve into the Lush Kitchen, as well as a few other treats and birthday gifts so here’s another look into the latest haul in the month of June…

  1. Two Timing Tart (Bubble Bar) – Unfortunately the product got taken offline before getting to use it as my reference as it was from the Lush Kitchen! Annoyingly it was much smaller than I anticipated, however it smells gorgeous. Similar to many of my other sweet scented products like the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and I was really excited to try this product, however it disappointed me slightly as the scent weakened in water. It did produce lot’s of lasting bubbles and crumble really easily, but it didn’t feel like anything special. Rating: 2/5 
  2. All That Jas (Bath Bomb) – I was drawn to this bomb because it’s bio claimed it was “an exotic dip that’s gonna blow the blues, and All That Jas!” (Musical reference I see you!) and it is packed with Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil and Vetivert Oil giving it a sweet relaxing floral scent. It has a simple and more traditional Lush design, and fizzes pretty fast into a pool of green. However, it quickly became slightly disappointing, as the smell weakens once in water and it wasn’t anything special really! Rating: 2/5 
  3. Elixir (Bath Melt) – Similar to TTT, this also got taken offline before I had a chance to read the bio over as it was also from the Lush Kitchen! And Similar again to TTT, it was also much smaller than I anticipated, especially for the price (£4). Though I guess you don’t really need a lot of it with the bath melts, and the small ones are only half the price. But as it happened, it was brilliant product that to me was worth the money. It smelt like chocolate oranges, with a hint of cinnamon; and gave a slow melt and released flower petals. Everything about it was calming and soothing, despite it claiming it was an awakening bath. In particular it felt really nice on my sunburn and left me feeling moisturised. I would love if this became a long lasting product, even if for a limited period! Rating: 4/5
  4. Yoga Bomb (Bath Bomb) – This had actually been sitting in Lush rack for several weeks before getting round to using it. I’d always been unsure on this product because of the fact it simply doesn’t look quite as exciting as many of the other products, however I decided I shouldn’t be so prejudice of its exterior and give it a try. How glad I was to try it! This bomb is bright orange on the outside, but slowly fizzes in the water to reveal shades of oranges, purples and turquoise with a small amount of bubbles (though they don’t last) and plenty of golden glitter! (what’s Lush without glitter?), it was beautiful and so calming to watch. As well as that, it’s filled with a soothing, calming and relaxing mix of sandalwood oil and olibanum and ho wood. A lovely bath bomb! Rating: 4/5
  5. Mask Of Magnaminty (SAMPLE, Face & Body Mask) – This is just a tiny sample of the face and body mask that I picked up when chatting about it to one of the lovely members of staff. It’s crammed with Honey, Peppermint Oil, Aduki Beans and Kaolin with it having an aim to help clear the skin. I got one use out of the sample, and it took a bit of effort to apply due to it’s thick consistency, however it was a decent scrub that seemed to help in the areas it was supposed to and had a great scent to it. Though it’s probably not my favourite of these products. Rating: 3/5 
  6. Oxford Street Haul – I decided not to go into too much detail, as I may roll them into next months review, as I won’t use them for a while as they’re the most recent buy. However, I brought Yuzu & Cocoa (Bubbleroon), Blackberry (Bath Bomb), Fizzbanger (Bath Bomb) & The Modfather (Bubble Bar); none of which I have tried before and fancied trying for a change. Check back soon to see more!

And as it’s been my birthday month, I’ve kindly been gifted a haul of Lush too!

  1. Avobath (Bath Bomb) – This bomb was similar to Yoga Bomb for me, where it never really appealed to me due to it’s simple exterior. However, I was kindly gifted it and keen to try it. It’s advised as a morning bath bomb due to its uplifting lemongrass and bergamot oils. It also claims the avocado and olive oil combo helps tackle dehydration and dry skin. It fizzes quickly into a wicked green, with an acute amount of silver glitter (of course!). Definitely a fresh and vibrant citrus scent, suitable for all, and it left my skin feeling surprisingly replenished. Rating: 3/5
  2. Butterball (Bath Bomb) – I can’t remember if I’ve had this bomb before or not, though I’m pretty sure I have, but it’s just been a while. I was rather looking forward to trying it again, as I know it’s one that soaks into the skin locking in moisture. As it happens, silly me got sunburnt so this seemed the best bomb to go for. It stung the burn a little, but was deffo the right choice as it softened my skin and smelt divine. Probably would have been able to enjoy more without the sunburn sting – but lovely and a Lush classic! Rating: 4/5
  3. Ocean Salt (Face & Body Scrub) – In all honesty, this is a little harsh on my skin if i use too much as it contains such strong ingredients like sea salt, lime soaked in vodka (though there is an alcohol-free version) and fresh grapefruit. However, it’s a great all-over exfoliating scrub that helps lift-away dead skin, with a great punchy scent to match. I’ve found it particularly useful on my feet! (Warning: avoid the mouth area as it tastes like sea salt!) Rating: 3/5 
  4. Big Bang (Bubble Bar) – I’ve had this bar a few times now, and I love it because it’s has a punching and refreshing citrus scent to it. It also gives some great bubbles too! Rating: 3/5 
  5. Rose Jam (Bubble Bar) – I’ve mentioned this before, because this is one of my absolute favourites as it’s packed with everything I love: bubbles, pink, glitter and sweet smells! Rating: 4/5 
  6. Twilight (Bath Bomb) – I believe I’ve had this bomb only once before. I think the design is simple but beyond sweet, as it’s etched with moons and stars on a pink bomb. Once in water it oozes out blue colours and silver glitter. With a sweet scent infused with lavender, ylang ylang and tonka absolute. From what I remember on my last use, Rating: 4/5. 
  7. Love Lettuce (Face Mask) – I had often seen this face mask but it never really stood out to me, but as I was gifted it, I was keen to give it a try. It was much grittier than I expected it to be, however it has an easy-apply and made a great exfoliating mask. It left my skin refreshed and soft after too! I’ll need to use it a few more times to see if it helps clear my skin anymore, though I think it’s ingredients of fuller’s earth, honey, lavender, ground almonds and kaolin all contain helpful properties in trying to keep skin refreshed, calmed and blemish-free. Rating: 4/5
  8. D’Fluff (Shaving Soap) – This is the only shaving soap currently available, and it’s strawberry! Well actually, it’s strawberries, rose absolute, rose hip oil and cocoa butter. What a dream combo right? I predominantly wanted to try this product because of it’s deliciously good smell, (though I will warn it smells more like synthetic strawberries, than fresh) but also because I’ve never really used any shaving products (well, I tried a foam once, but it was rubbish). I tend to just use the bubbles from the bubble bath or shower gel and hope for the best, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt giving it a try. And it’s fair to say I was rather impressed! It’s easy to apply and you don’t need much of it, then it creates a smooth shave and so far hasn’t left me with any irritation afterwards like I normally face! This is a definite winner so far! Plus it seems that it will last a while. Rating: 4/5 
  9. Don’t Rain On My Parade & Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair (SAMPLES, Shower Gel) – I was gifted these by my parents, because my mum went on a search for the Rose Jam shower gel as she didn’t realise it was seasonal treat. Then was handed these samples on the basis they were supposedly similar scents, though I beg to differ. Still nice to have a little trial though! Don’t Rain On My Parade is dark green in colour and contains ylang ylang, violet leaf, vanilla and more, while it does it’s job, I personally I don’t rate the scent too much and it’s not really close to Rose Jam at all. Rating: 2/5. Meanwhile, Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair is bright red and has a few similar ingredients, though is much sweeter due to having rose and jasmine absolute in it. This is closer to Rose Jam, and I quite enjoyed this but I think I still prefer other gels. Rating: 3/5. 

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Sex Bomb is from last months post which disappointed me slightly, but was still a fun bath! 2/5. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my haul, gifts, and beyond!

Let me know your thoughts, and also QUESTION TIME! How do you guys feel about if I made this a monthly feature, giving you the low-down on the months haul? And throw in extras as and when? Also, with the reviews, are they better with the “out of 5” ratings? Please let me know!