For something a little different again, I thought I would give you my suggestions for how to make your next day out or night in with your friends a great one!

Firstly, here’s the obligitory Inbetweeners reference…


However, back to the point. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of new and exciting things to do with your friends, as it can often end up in you doing the same few things… so i’m here to hopefully inspire you with a few ideas of fun things to do (most of which, doesn’t have to cost a lot!).

  • Binge Watch – If there’s a new release you’re both super excited for, why not take yourself to the cinema for a night/day and enjoy a new film? Or just get your DVD collections together (or head to the shops and find something new to splurge on), or log onto Netflix (or other streaming/renting services) and find a film you can all agree on and get comfy ready for a total film binge day/evening! If your looking for inspiration here’s 15 chick flicks, and if you search the film tag or category you can find all my movie reviews or suggestions. (Equally; if you share a love for a TV series/show, vlogger, sports, celebrity or band/artist – these can be fun options too, even if it means just logging onto Youtube or putting the TV on!). 


  • Junk Food – D’UH! Stock up on all the bad foods and drinks! Me and my friends always make sure we’ve stopped off at some shops to get in the pizzas/ready meals, garlic bread ice cream and chocolate! Whatever your style is, take away or trolley dash, just make sure you’re on an unhealthy binge because we all deserve a treat from time to time!


  • Games – Why not play a game? Most people associate games with kids and childhood – but these days it’s not the case. You can get lots of games from technology like Xbox, Wii and such, or you can get the traditional board games – and there’s all sorts out there, definitely something for everyone! Plus, it’s bound to get some laughs in.


  • Dress Up – For those of you who love your make-up or dressing up, why not do it just for fun? Get creative in things that you may not necessarily brave to go out in but want to try for fun, prepare in advance for an upcoming event (i.e. prom or a party), make it a way of spending time together before a night-out, hold a dress up party, share your latest make-up or clothing purchases or do it for nothing but fun! (This may sound female orientated – but it doesn’t have to be! Guys can have fun with dressing up too!) 


  • Pampering Session – For those that like to unwind, why not create a home-spa and undergo a home treatment of a facial by getting yourself some face masks/scrubs, cucumber/eye masks, comfy dressing gowns with fresh PJs, moisturisers and whatever other beauty rituals you may want to undergo! (Again, this may sound tailored more to females, but boys can bond over it in a similar way if they want to, as you need to take care of yourself and relax too… see the guys from F.R.I.E.N.D.S if you’re not convinced!) 


  • Making & Baking – There’s lots of ways you could get creative together; maybe you can have a colouring or painting therapy session together? bake some sweet treats, or cook/prepare some snacks or a meal together? be inspired by my easy milkshake recipe, which is especially fun in summer? make cards, a scrapbook or jewellery, even if it means going and getting a DIY starter kit? (Another one that may sound dull to some guys – but it doesn’t have to be! There’s plenty of things you guys can make or bake/cook too that are fun!) 


  • Go Out! – Why not take yourselves out somewhere? Aside from the cinema which i’ve already mentioned or the obvious of clubs/bars; you could go to theatre, a restaurant/cafe, a nice walk, the zoo/farm, a museum/gallery, the seaside, a class… whatever might be nearby to where you live, why not use it? Alternatively why not plan an adventure somewhere further! Public transport can be a blessing for getting you out of the places you know so well, or if at least one of you can drive – make a road trip! Sometimes the most random or spontaneous things can spark some of the best memories!


I hope you enjoyed reading my ideas of how to keep it interesting with your friends on your days out or nights in. What do you and your friends enjoy doing most? Has this helped give you ideas? As always, feel free to chat away in the comments!

*Images thanks to Google.