Rather than individually review each film, I thought I’d do a quick little summary of my thoughts on the few films I’ve managed to catch recently!

  • Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – Yes, the Ab Fab movie. Despite it’s mixed reviews and my lack of prior knowledge on the world of Ab Fab, I decided to go along with my parents (who were keen to go) and see what it was all about. As I just mentioned, I haven’t actually seen the series so I only loosely knew of the characters. However, I knew I quite liked the duo of Jennifer Saunders & Joanna Lumley anyway based on what I had seen over the years – and I find Saunders particularly amusing (come on now, who doesn’t love her voicing the fairy godmother in Shrek 2?!). Though from the trailer I had in my head it would be enormously cheesy – but to my surprise it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Of course it was still a slightly ridiculous storyline, but it was still highly amusing. There were some great cameos and it was full of fun and laughs – with some touching moments too. Definitely not a bad watch, and kudos to them for opening it up to a new audience! ★★★
  • How To Be Single – Okay, so this was actually released in February. I had intended to see it upon it’s release but unfortunately missed out (even though I happened to witness some of the premiere due to being in London at the same time! – they’re such a gorgeous cast by the way), so I was keen to pick up the DVD, which has been out for a few weeks now. Again, I had in my head that it was a lot cheesier – you know, the predictable kind of ‘girls go out and party and in and out of love’. Which yes, was partially true – however it had a lot more emotion and personal connection in it. In simple terms, it takes you on a journey of four single females and their love lives (all of which intertwine in some way) – and how to be single! For me, as someone who has spent majority of their life as a singleton (even though I’m only 19), it left me touched by it’s important and empowering message that it’s okay to be single because we all need that moment to ourselves and figure out who we are – and that one day it’ll change when it’s ready. It was the perfect chick flick that left me both laughing out loud and a blubbering mess. I was definitely not disappointed, and in fact I was slightly surprised by how much I loved it as it was even better than I anticipated! ★★★★
  • Grease – Well, I’ve watched this film countless times and it’s film that needs little explanation because i’m pretty sure the whole world has seen it! I think i’ve spoken about it before, but this is the one musical I grew up with – so it will always have a special place in my heart. The music takes me right back to singing along with my family on car journeys, or me just belting along in my room. Some themes and elements are dated and it is slightly cheesy and cliche, but who doesn’t love Grease? We all want a little bit of Sandy and Danny in our lives! ★★★★
  • Now You See Me 2 – I only saw the first instalment a few months ago, by sheer chance of catching it on TV and I really enjoyed it. It felt Oceans 11 inspired, but with magic! The premise of the sequel is pretty much the same as the first, where the Horsemen are trying to reveal the truth of a system above us, through their magic and tricks. However, it gets a little more complex when plans don’t run smoothly, and this time we delve even deeper into the characters. My one annoyance is that the character of Henley (Isla Fisher) from the first instalment has been replaced by Lula (Lizzy Caplan), and it isn’t overly clear on why she left the group. Despite that, the new recruit is a joy and fits in perfectly with the team – and both ladies do well at keeping the men in check! It was highly enjoyable and still made for an exciting sequel as it oozes in stunning visuals, interesting locations, fast paced action, a stellar cast and pure magic! ★★★

And that’s all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed reading up on my latest cinema trips and home film binge. There’s plenty of exciting releases this month, and next on my agenda is to hopefully catch Ghostbusters and Ice Age 5! Let me know, what have you seen recently? Or what are you most excited about for this month? Get commenting!