I’m going a little Buzzfeed inspired in this post, and i’m going to tell you the truth’s about relying on public transport. (That only those who rely on it, will really understand…)

Previously in my life, I never really had a need to use public transport as I was fortunate enough to be in good walking distance for all that I needed (or my mum would taxi me…), then it changed when I got a new job in February and suddenly I had to commute daily. So here are some truths that only those relying on public transport will know…

  1. You have mastered power-walking… Yep, unless you are in the “relying on public transport” club, no one else quite understands the art of power walking and timing. You practically have it down to a tea (and you’ll more than likely pace it to the beat of your music too – right?).
  2. You sometimes question how many minutes of your life you spend waiting… You don’t know why you do it, but every so often, the thought comes along and you question your entire existence at the same time. 
  3. You often question why you do this… Whatever the weather, you have to be there; waiting for that bus or train (because let’s be real – it’s a miracle if they’re on time!). So you’re forever questioning what is worth this wait? 
  4. You need snacks and drinks… Chances are, you will probably get hungry or thirsty on this journey so always come prepared (though I don’t really eat on my bus, but thankfully it’s a short journey).
  5. You will, at some point, face “the run”… Whether it be because you’re running late, or you forgot something and had to turn back; be prepared to run at least once (if not many times! – Personal story: I realised I left my bus card on my desk at work 4 minutes before the bus was due, so had to sprint there and back all in the nick of time). 
  6. You will get the regulars, who you always awkwardly smile at… Yes, you’ll feel like friends because you see them on the near-daily but you never speak. Only seems to get as good as the odd awkward smile. (You may even develop a mild but painful crush…)
  7. You will also get the regulars you don’t like… And sometimes you don’t even know why, you just want them off. 
  8. You will have “the seat” – You will find a seat, and it shall be yours. If anyone takes your seat you won’t be impressed.10463c4bfdbc4616e82d925aea62812f
  9. Every now and then you remember how germ-infested it is… then you start to panic about touching anything, but then you realise you just have to live with it, so stuff it. (Personal story: I once got a dead fly stuck to my arm from leaning on the window ledge… *vom*) 
  10. You get more encouraged to learn to drive all the time… except that thought and amount of responsibility terrifies you, so you don’t really know what to do other than to keep suffering the public transport. 
  11. Despite all this, you’re just used to it now… and accepted it’s the only way to get you around. And if you miss your journey – it’s just not the one. *Sigh* But catching an early one, or being just in the nick of time? What a blessing! 

There you have it – some of my thoughts about dealing with relying on public transport. Though there are many more, but I hope you enjoyed this silly post! Let me know; are you suffering the public transport commute? What are your stories? Share them with me!