In the UK, last Friday (22nd) saw the release of the highly anticipated Disney live action remake of the Roald Dahl classing “The BFG”. While this Friday (29th) saw the release of the even more highly anticipated Disney Pixar film of “Finding Dory”.

Me being the Disney nerd that I am, attended both this week and I’ve decided to pit them against each other in a short summary of reasons to go and see them, in case you were torn on which is the film for you!


The BFG is a story I grew up on, due to being a big Roald Dahl fan, I knew the book and animated film (though if I’m honest, I haven’t picked up either in a long time). However, I was excited by this adaptation, and I wasn’t left disappointed, therefore here are some of my key reasons as to why you should see it.

  1. Visually – There are some stunning visuals with the CGI effects, and it completely sucks you into the land of the Giants and dreams! As well as some very clever camera tricks, which make you feel part of the film. I only saw it in 2D, but I can imagine it being even more of a spectacle in 3D as it seemed very geared for that.
  2. The Cast – Almost surprisingly, Mark Rylance makes the perfect BFG, he seems to have got the character down to a tea. With a hollywood screen debut for Ruby Barnhill as Sophie, who fit into the role perfectly giving her the cheek and boldness she needed. Plus appearances from the likes of Penelope Wilton, Rebecca Hall, Rafe Spall, Jemaine Clement, Bill Hader and more make it exciting viewing. 
  3. Steven Spielberg – Let’s be real, this man is an icon. He has given us some of the most famous films of all time, from ET to Jaws to Jurrassic Park. With this man being behind it, you know it’s onto a winner already. I think he definitely did the story justice. (Bonus fact: he also stayed true to his friend John Williams, by using him for the score again, like he does with many of his films). 
  4. Roald Dahl – This is obviously a Roald Dahl classic, and it’s great to see the story in a new life in this modern Disney adaptation, from what I remember much of the elements of the original story are in tact, and this new lease of life will hopefully mean it’ll continue to be shared with further generations.
  5. The Message – The message it gives is so heartwarming, proving that friendship is deeply important, no matter who they are.

The cons? Well there wasn’t really any for me, but overall, I think I would give this film ★★★ because while I enjoyed it and I’m glad I saw it, as it gave me plenty of laughs; I don’t think I left the film feeling much more than “oh that was nice”. I think it’s the type film that you would watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family, for something to chill out with. It is a great film, but I guess my point is there are more superior Disney and Dahl stories in my personal opinion, despite that it is still worth a watch, as I really enjoyed it and it’s just a fun film that gives you a few laughs, keeps you on the edge of your seat at times and leaves you feeling warm and uplifted.


As for Finding Dory, to put it into context, if you hadn’t cracked it already Finding Nemo and the character of Dory is one of my favourites of all time. Therefore, since the announcement of this sequel I’ve been on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting, and I was by no means disappointed.

  1. The Story – If I’m honest, I never really dreamed of a sequel as I never really felt it needed it, however when I heard the initial premise of the plot, I was totally sold. Not only because of the fact Dory is my favourite character, but I also realised that I did want to know more about Dory and who she is – and it definitely tells and shows you that in the film.
  2. The Cast & Characters – Again, it’s another stellar cast! There’s the obvious returns of Ellen Degeneres and Albert Brooks – however there are lots of exciting additions like Dianne Keaton, Idris Elba (this is his third Disney film this year by the way, is he looking to become a Disney legend?)Ed O’Neill and many more. Many of our favourite characters are still there, or at least make an appearance, but there are plenty of new guys to fall in love with too! *cue the AWs at the otters, the laughs at Becky and the seals, the appreciation for Hank and the willingness to hug Bailey and Destiny* 
  3. The classic Pixar touch – I don’t know how they do it, but it just has that classic Pixar touch where it’s hard not to fall in love with it. From its adorable opening short film to silly comedy and the emotion and adventure.
  4. What it represents – As we all know, Dory suffers from short-term memory loss. Which I think is great, because it’s giving representation of the difficulty of living with that – and it feeds into many other issues like mental health, such as anxiety. In fact, a lot of the characters in both films have some form of difficulty (i.e. Nemo and his “lucky fin”, Hank and Pearl having 7 tentacles, Marlin’s overprotectiveness, etc) which for me is what I love about it so much, because despite that, they never give up and always find a solution.
  5. The message – Okay, I’ll admit it; I must have cried about 10 times. I think part of it was my excitement of having waited so long, but a lot of it was the fact it was actually deeply touching! Two simple phrases of “What would Dory do?” and “just keep swimming” really summarise the key points in the film. Like many Disney/Pixar films, it leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling.

The cons? Well again, to me there’s hardly any! I guess if you want to be picky… it’s a bit of a shame the Tank Gang don’t make a subtle appearance, though I don’t see where they would naturally fit. Some may argue that the character of Gerald is bullied by his brothers, however it’s all rather light-hearted and I think it represents what trio siblings can be like. There is also a slight rehash of a scene from the first film, which may seem a little lazy to some but it fits perfectly in the film and makes sense. I also feel perhaps it wasn’t quite as funny as the first, as there was almost an even more serious tone to it but it’s still funny enough to all!

Overall, I may be biased but to me it was an easy ★★★★★ film. I’m already seeing it again in a few days, and I just know I will enjoy it again and again, much like the first. I think it’s a film that everyone can enjoy, especially if you love the first as much as me, and I’m pleased they did it and it works!

There we have it! My thoughts on the two of the big Disney summer releases! I shall look forward to Pete’s Dragon next month, but until then you’ll probably find me watching Finding Dory on loop…

So, have you been to see them yet? What were your thoughts? Are you planning to see either of them? As always let me know in the comments below!