My parents went away for the weekend, which aside from the responsibilities I have to then step up to, it means I get to take advantage of the living room being free for a film binge!

So I thought I’d talk you through my weekend watch list…

  • Definitely Maybe – I stumbled across this on Now TV and was initially sold by the cast; which featured Ryan Reynolds,  Isla Fisher and Elizabeth Banks. I was slightly unsure, as it looked a somewhat cheesy and stereotypical rom-com type films, however I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It told a sweet story of a Dad telling her daughter the truth about his relationship with her mother – which had a rather complex history. It had a few interesting twists and turns, and for a while it was hard to crack. It was just an uplifting and easy watch, which proved that sometimes the greatest things take time and you may face obstacles to get what you want. Rating: 4/5
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I had seen this film once before, and listened to the soundtrack multiple times, so I thought why not give it a re-watch. While the plot barely makes any sense (especially in the second half of the film) it’s hard not to love. It’s totally silly, funny and brave (for its time). I just love the music in this show, and the characters are highly amusing. If you love quirky sexy cult films and musicals, it’s definitely worth a watch. Rating: 3/5.
  • School of Rock – I remember seeing this film years ago, when my parents were watching it but I honestly couldn’t remember it that well, so after it sitting on my DVD shelf for a while, I decided to put it on and I was really pleased I did! It’s a great original film, which really makes you feel good and brings on some great laughs as a misunderstood man who seems like an irresponsible fraudulent substitute teacher brings together a class of young people and encourages them to showcase their talents through creating a rock band. It made me even more excited to see the musical in a few months! Rating: 4/5.
  • Annie (2014) – I had been so put-off by this film, because to me it was portrayed as a cheesy remake of a musical, and due to it’s somewhat bad reputation from critics and fans of the original (which at the time of release I hadn’t seen either). However a few months ago, I watched the original (which I thought was really good, but not personally my favourite thing I’ve watched) and now decided I should give the modern remake a try too. And it simply made me question what took me so long! It really gave me proof that you really shouldn’t judge a film by its cover or what the critics say… as I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a brilliant example of films with a diverse representation, and there’s some great laughs to be had. I thought the cast was really spot on – and I particularly liked getting to see Rose Byrne in a nice role! Plus the music is great too, some of it is slightly cheesy and Glee-esque but it’s fun, with a modern pop type twist and lots of Sia involvement. I really loved it! Rating: 5/5.
  • The Princess Diaries – I’ve seen this once before in full and a few times in bits, but it’s a great film. I think the casting is on point, who doesn’t love seeing Julie Andrews as a queen and a young Anne Hathaway giving her breakthrough performance? I just love seeing this really funny and sweet story of the awkward underdog girl becoming this beautiful, smart and strong Princess. Plus it comes from one of my favourite directors – may you Rest in Peace Garry Marshall. It’s a lovely family friendly, comic, feel-good film. Rating: 4/5.
  • Enchanted – Well, because why not end it with this Disney magic? As a Disney nerd, this has so much to love; from Julie Andrews as a Narrator, to an insight into the future for Idina Menzel (who went on to become a Queen in Frozen, incase you were unsure…), to guest appearances from Disney legends like original cast members of Mary Poppins (hint: you’ll find them in the big dance sequence – see the bonus features) and Jodi Benson (aka Ariel from The Little Mermaid!) as well as it’s outstanding star-studded cast in general. It’s just a sweet story mixing all of the classic Disney elements into a modern-day situation and gives an interesting blur of fantasy vs reality. Along with a beautiful score – I don’t think i’ll ever get bored of “That’s How You Know”. Rating: 5/5.

Hope you enjoyed reading what’s been on my watch list lately outside of the cinema, and my quick reviews on them! And as always, please share your thoughts! Have you watched any films this weekend? What’s your favourite from this list? Anything you’re excited about in the cinema? Let me know!