As another trial of something a little different, I thought I would give you an insight into my perfume shelf!

I’m no perfume expert, but I actually have quite a weakness for it. Though I don’t buy it often because of the cost and due to the fact I always have a variety on the go and I try to use them up…

Okay, so I teased you in slightly… I actually only really buy celebrity endorsed perfumes. This is because A) I like them/the celebrities and B) they are often much cheaper… but they are still lovely, I promise! I’ll talk you through what I have on my shelf…


Firstly, I’ll start with Cheryl’s Stormflower collection; I’ve grown up being a fan of Cheryl so I was hugely excited by her first fragrance “Stormflower”, and proud too as I knew it was something she had always wanted to do. Same goes for the second release “Stormflower Noir”. 


Let’s start with “Stormflower”. The bottle is beautiful (on the left), with a lovely design of a flower lid, and bulb-like bottle shape.

The scents involved are top notes of mandarin and nectarine, a heart of freesia and peach blossom, with a base of vanilla, white musk and sandalwood. Hints of white grape and muguet are also present.

Rating? 3/5, I’m nearly out of this one, but it’s quite a light and sweet scent – I would say it’s quite easy to smell the ingredients it states. It took me a little while to get used to the scent, but I actually think this is quite a nice perfume. I would use this again as it’s a good daytime spray. 

As for “Stormflower Noir”, The design has remained the same aside from the colour change (the black one on the right) but the scent is a little different.

This scent has a tang of rhubarb, mandarin and pear. The heart is tuberose, orange blossom and a sprinkle of rose petals. With a conclusion of brown sugar, musk and sandalwood. There’s also elements of ambret seeds and heliotrope.  

Rating? 3/5, I think it’s similar to it’s predecessor, but just has a slightly heavier and fresher sweet scent. I would use this again as it’s similar to the first but just a bit heavier. I think I prefer this one slightly though. 

Next up is the Katy Perry collection; again, I’ve been a fan for many years and have seemingly collected each perfume she’s released over the years.

“Purr” and “Meow” are actually empty, and have been for some time, but I’d kept them in my collection on display for obvious reasons. (I mean, look at them! And you can’t destroy a family of perfumes…) so yeah, I’m kind of in love with this adorable feline duo.

As for the perfumes themselves, “Purr” is made up of peach nectar, apple with green bamboo, jasmine blossom, pink freesia, bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid, white amber, sandalwood and musk. From what I remember (it’s been a while since I used it) while it is quite sweet and fresh, it’s a little too strong and heavy for me, especially in comparison to others in her collection. Rating? 2/5, I would maybe use again, but I much prefer others in her collection, though it has been a while since I used any. 

While “Meow” is a mixture of pear, honeysuckle, vanilla, musk and amber. It’s much sweeter than it’s predecessor, but I prefer it as it feels summery and light. Rating? 4/5, Similarly It’s been a while since I used it but from what I recall I loved the sweetness, so I really want to get a new bottle and I’ve been meaning to for some time, though I don’t really need any new perfumes right now! 

After a few years, she changed the company behind the perfume and relaunched the brand in a Killer Queen collection, which are all in lovely but somewhat impractical jewel-shaped bottles. 

Evidently, starting with “Killer Queen” which is built up of wild berries, dark plum, bergamot, red flower (celosia) sambac jasmine, rainbow plumeria, cashmere, patchouli and liquid praline.

Rating? I’d give it a 2/5, If i’m honest, while this is a punchy scent, it’s at the lower end of my “Katy perfume chart” (is that a thing?) – I don’t know what it is exactly but to me it just isn’t anything overly special and there’s better perfumes about. 

She then continued with “Spring Reign”, “Royal Revolution” and “Oh So Sheer” which kept the theme but went along slightly different scents and a different colour theme – but mainly all staying light and summery.

Rating? I would probably rate “Spring Reign” a 5/5, it was a limited edition one but I still use this a fair amount as I brought a big bottle on offer but this is very sweet, fresh and floral but still subtle, very much a summer scent and one that I like. If I ever finish the enormous bottle, or can find it again, I would repurchase! “Oh So Sheer” would get 3.5/5, as OSS is along the same sweet and fresh lines of SR but is fruitier rather floral. Though I barely have any left, and I’d probably try it again! As for “Royal Revolution” that gets a 3/5, I’ve actually got through two 30ml bottles of this but while it was still along similar lines as the others and I did like it, for me the others were just a cut above from what I can recall. 

She then kept the company, but rebranded again into “Mad Potion”, which gives a scent of vanillas from around the world as it contains amber and jasmine petals, Tahitian vanilla orchid, apple musk, white peony, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, musk and Mexican vanilla bean absolute.

Initially, I thought the branding of it looked cheap and childish, however the scent is lovely. I really love the smell of vanilla, and that’s basically all it is! Rating? 3/5, I would use this again, though I feel there are more exciting perfumes around! However if you love the simple ol’ smell of Vanilla you will adore this. 

And then her next perfume is Mad Love, which I have no doubt i’ll try too. I’ve heard it’s back along the sweet side like her early member Meow. But will she ever stop? Or will I ever stop? 

For the last two we have the Jennifer Aniston collection, who again I love and happened to stumble across her perfumes once I became a fan.


First we have with her first release which is a self-titled perfume, “Jennifer Aniston”, which contains citrus, jasmine, wild violets, golden amber and musk.

Rating? 5/5, I would deffo use this again and I wish it were more accessible in the UK (I was lucky enough to be gifted it for my birthday last year via Amazon – despite me not knowing the scent of it which is an exciting element of surprise, but it can be risky). because I love this perfume! I think it’s a simple but pretty design. For some reason it just reminds me of summer and beaches, and to me It has a natural and soothing “beachy” smell. 

Finally, we have the third fragrance in her collection called “Near Dusk” which is quite a contrast to her first.

The scent includes notes of salt, delicate flowers and a woody base. It also opens with accords of pink pepper, nectarine, coconut water and sea spray and has a heart that includes flowers of orange blossoms, jasmine and peony, based on musk, white amber, blonde woods and vanilla. It’s similar to the previous design though, just with the colour change to reflect the tone it gives out.

Rating? 4/5 – Reflecting it’s title, it’s a much heavier scent that would be great for evenings out. I actually took a risk on this too by getting it online, as it’s not widely available in the UK either, but I would probably use this again and I’m happy I like it. but i’m keen to try the other perfume (“J”) in her collection too! 

Overall, the simple fact remains that I love perfume! And it really is hard to pick a favourite in all of these. I just find it exciting that there’s something for everyone and that it has the power to remind you of certain people, things or memories.

As always, let me know your thoughts… What are your favourite perfumes? Have you tried any that are on my shelf, or might consider it now? Comment below!