This time last week, I was at FolkEast. To those that don’t know, it’s a festival that takes place in a small part of Suffolk, East Anglia called Little Glemham.

While I love music and can appreciate it in its many forms, “Folk” isn’t typically the genre I go for. Similarly, as much as I love live music, I tend to stray away from festivals.

However, thanks to my job I had my horizons broadened last weekend…

Despite the above statements still being rather relevant, something about FolkEast feels different. It’s so calm and there’s a wide range of people there, from kids to the elderly.

Plus “Folk” as a genre, is much broader than you think and appeals to more than the stereotype. There are 3 stages of music, from the main “Sunset Stage” where you’ll find the headliners, to the “Broadroots Stage” in a tent and to the “Soapbox Stage” tent which has a very chilled and calm vibe. Somewhere, there’s bound to be something for you!

There was such a variety of things to do and see too, there was definitely something for everyone. From workshops, to stalls and other activities and entertainment.

And lets not forget the vast array of food choice, much of which is locally sourced. I just wish I utilized the options more!

As I was there to work, we were predominately there to promote our brand of Grapevine (a local entertainment guide for across East Anglia) and run workshops for 12-17 years olds about photography and journalism, with the aim of producing a mini magazine for the next day.

Unfortunately, the workshop numbers were few. Despite that, we still ensured we kept our spirits high and had a great time. We managed to cobble our heads together to make the magazine still, and just enjoyed the atmosphere of the festival.

That of which you can find right here over on Grapevine Live, where you can find the “Eastfolk Grapevine” – including two from me, across both days.

Overall, although I was there to do a job, so I didn’t get to experience the festival in full… but what I did see, I really enjoyed. It’s a highly relaxed place in a beautiful environment, open to families of all ages with something for everyone. Maybe if you fancy a festival in 2017… this could be the new one to try.

Here’s a brief insight via some of my photos:

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As always – feel free to share your thoughts! Have you been to FolkEast before, or to any other festivals this year? Do you have a hidden gem of a festival, or one that holds a family tradition?

FolkEast 2017 takes places 18th-20th August at Glemham Hall (Little Glemham) in Suffolk. For more information visit &