In determination to keep up the monthly Lush posts, I’ve decided to share my Lush “wish list” with you, from products I’m still keen to try that I haven’t yet!

  1. Ickle Baby Bot (Bath Bomb) – It may seem an odd choice, especially as it’s targeted at kids, but as a child I was often given the treat of the original which was something like “Ickle Baby Baff” or “Ickle Baby Angel”  and I used to love them. I remember getting so excited by the fizz, colours and smells; it was so calming too. So I guess I want to see what the modern version is like, and just have a bath of reliving my childhood, as well as a nice night-cap soothing lavender bath perhaps. (Plus, there’s the bonus of it being super cheap at less than £2!). 
  2. Brightside (Bubble Bar) – Can you believe it? I don’t think I’ve actually tried this product! I think mainly because in the three of this style I’m always so drawn to The Comforter, which is hard to beat. Though I must try it!
  3. Bath Melts I love bath melts, but I struggle to use anything other than my favourite of MMMelting Marshmallow Moment… therefore I must get myself to stay away for once and try the likes of Floating Island or You’ve Been Mangoed, which are my mums favourites. Razzle Dazzle and Ceridwen’s Cauldron look nice too.
  4. Don’t Look At Me (Face Mask) – I think this is one of the few face masks left for me to try! I’ve heard good things about this blue goop, so I will probably try it when I’ve used up the masks that are already on the go – and probably trade in my old pots to blag the freebie! I also still wouldn’t mind trying Rosy Cheeks, or Mask of Magnaminty in full.
  5. SoapsI love a good soap, and there’s such an insane amount of choice at Lush. I was obsessed with the Valentine’s exclusive earlier this year, Roses All The Way. I also adore the classic Honey I Washed The Kids. However, there’s plenty I still want to try, mainly the likes of Maypole but there’s so many nice soaps!
  6. Shower I’ve tried the shower jellies before, but they’re not really for me. I love the gels & creams I’ve tried, especially the christmas favourites of Rose Jam and Snow Fairy or my new-found love of The Comforter. Though there’s still a few I’d like to try, like Yazu & Cocoa. The wash sheets seem an ingenious invention, perfect for the likes of travelling and festivals; where minimal packing is required, I’d love to try one out. The shower smoothies also seem an interesting concept – I’d like to learn more about them.
  7. Fun I have tried the pink one before, but I can’t really remember it all that well as it was gifted to my mum. Therefore I’d be keen to give it another go. It’s basically £5 for a multipurpose play-doh! You can use it all over, in the bath or shower – as well as simply playing with it!
  8. Lush Kitchen While this is rather broad, I just want everything from the Lush Kitchen! That said, I normally stick to the bath bombs, melts and bubble bars. Though it’s impossible for me to keep up with, and it’s even more of an indulgence and treat as it tends to be a little more expensive. However, I have got my hands on some brilliant products (as well as some slight disappointments). My favourite products I’ve got from the Kitchen have been the Elixir bath melt and Flying Saucers Liquid Bubble Bath. There’s plenty to try though, as it’s updated weekly with a new “menu”.
  9. Gift Sets Kind of lame, but I’d like more gift sets! I’ve only received one or two, but I just find the thing of having a pretty box with Lush hidden inside! I don’t really know that I have any in particular, it just seems a fun of way of having a bundle of your favourite products or being challenged to try something new! So, if you ever want gift ideas for me!

There we have it! I think that’s all that’s on my wish list, no doubt as more seasonals, Oxford street or online exclusives get released I’ll find new additions. But for now let’s challenge myself to try some of these…

What’s on your wish list? Am I missing out by not yet having these in my life? Leave a comment below!