Despite being someone who is scared of a lot of things, I simply ADORE Crime Dramas. I used to refuse to watch them as I was too scared, but over the last few years, it’s hard to remember which case belongs where!

Therefore, I’ve decided to run you through some of my favourite British TV crime dramas…

  1. Silent Witness – In early 2017, this show will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is rather remarkable in terms of TV crime drama’s. I’ve personally only been watching it since about 2013/14 but have been hooked ever since. Each episode is put in two halves, so two episodes equate to one story. It’s a classic BBC production, which features a lead team of 4, who are a mix of detectives and pathologists. Many elements of the stories can be slightly unrealistic, but it obviously works or it wouldn’t have survived this long! They always keep their stories relevant to situations going on in the world, as well as just classic crime element. It’s easy to follow and a really great series with great British talent. 
  2. Sherlock – How can you not love Sherlock? Okay so there’s been several adaptations of the iconic Arthur Conan Doyle tales, but I’m talking about the world-famous BBC adaptation. Everything about it is brilliant; from cast, crew, writing, costume, set and more. There is never a detail missed out and it’s easy to see why it’s loved world-over. 
  3. Happy Valley – This British crime drama focuses on a police sergeant dealing with personal tragedy investigates cases in a small West Yorkshire town… and boy does it get twisted in parts! Sarah Lancashire gives such a stunning performance. Simply gripping! 
  4. The Fall – I actually missed the first series but joined from the second series – but I loved it, as I was hooked from the off. I have since gone back and rewatched from the start and am geared up for the third (and I believe final) series coming soon. I think this show works due to the sheer talent and chemistry Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan give us. Highly gripping, tense and original. 
  5. Luther – If I’m honest I think I’ve watched this on and off, I only really recall watching the most recent series but Idris Elba gives such a punching performance in his role of Luther. This show is probably the one I find most scary, as I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time in the last series! I believe this is where the world really fell in love with Idris too. 
  6. DCI Banks – This ITV show is based on Peter Robinson’s “Inspector Alan Banks” novels, and is now on its 5th series. It gives some great crime stories, with exciting tensions between the characters.

Let me know, have I included any of your favourite crime dramas? Am I missing some gems? Comment below!