When I got the privilege of Made in Dagenham on the West End, I was blown away by the show and it really sparked my love for theatre and stories along a similar theme. Therefore, I was delighted to hear a new actor-musician production was coming to my local theatre, The New Wolsey in Ipswich. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the story, it tells a story of the Ford Dagenham workers who go on strike in the hope of achieving equal pay. It was a first a film, based on true events, that was adapted into a musical. It is a truly unique and empowering tale, that I challenge anyone (especially females) to not leave feeling empowered by it.

It can sometimes be tricky not to look for comparisons too much when seeing a different variation of the same show, however the talent of this cast could easily match that of those that I saw in the West End, especially as many were in multiple roles, due to the smaller scale. Not only that, majority were also part of the band. They’re a truly talented ensemble, who each brought something fresh to the characters.

As for the set, this was obviously on a much smaller scale in comparison, however it still worked. In fact, that’s what I quite like about a lot of the productions that come to The New Wolsey; the point being that they don’t need all the tricks and grand sets to engage an audience. Similarly, the costumes were really fitting for the time period and looked great. The music is equally charming, with many catchy and comical lyrics.

Overall, this is by far one of my favourite shows and I believe it has been highly underrated, so I’m thrilled its reaching new audiences in Essex and Suffolk, especially as it seems to be winning them over too. I only hope the story continues to be told, as it’s something I believe everyone should be educated on because much of the subject is still relevant today.

This show is fun for audiences of 12+ (due to strong language throughout), and is oozing with drama, emotion and plenty of laughs, and will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. Please go and see it! ★★★★★

For more information or to book visit www.wolseytheatre.co.uk

PS: Here’s my blog about the West End version of Made in Dagenham (but please note, it’s one of my earlier pieces!) 

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