I’ve gone back to hauling Lush again, oops! Here’s a little insight into the purchases of this month, namely with a few bits of inspiration from my August: Lush Wish List

  • Brightside (Bubble Bar) – This was on my wish list for a while, so I caved and decided to give it a try. It’s similar to its sister bars (Comforter & Blue Skies) a really fun bubble bath; giving a punching scent of oranges and lemons, and long-lasting bubbles. Rating: 3/5. 
  • Floating Island (Bath Melt) – I was excited to try this, as I’d heard good things and I tend to like the oils and while it was really lovely and did the job (especially with my sunburn!) with its calming vanilla scent and overly oily substance. It unfortunately then turned into a bit of a disaster, because even after a hair wash; the oil completely locked into my hair, leaving me with a hair crisis for the day as I didn’t realise soon enough to fix it! Therefore while I would generally recommend the product, I would warn you to be careful about letting your hair come into too much contact with it! Rating: 2.5/5. 
  • You’ve Been Mangoed (Bath Melt) – Similarly, I was keen to try this due to the positive things I’d heard, and I was slightly sceptical after my earlier incident with Floating Island, but this was an improvement from the other. In fact, it smelt amazing and the oil wasn’t so overpowering so this was much more enjoyable. Though I would still say be careful if you have hair that locks in oil and grease easily like myself – as mentioned in the above! Rating: 3/5. 
  • Ickle Bot (Bath Bomb) – As mentioned in last months post, I wanted to try this due to a childhood memory of its predecessor, however I was rather disappointed. While it did smell rather nice and look cute at a bargain price, once it hit water it was nothing special. That said, I’m sure it would work well on “ickle” beings as targeted. Rating: 1.5/5. 
  • Sakura (Bath Bomb) – I’m cheating on this a little, as I actually nabbed it last month, and it was on my lush wish list for a while as it looked so pretty, but this was also one of the biggest disappointments. It just didn’t do anything special – it seemed to lose its sweet smell too. I’m glad I tried it as I’d wanted to for so long, but I realise now I’ve not been missing out. Rating: 1/5. 
  • Pleasure Dough (Bubble Bar) – I managed to sneak in a Lush Kitchen order! This unique little product sounded intriguing as it contained ingredients of rose petals, lavender oil and flowers, peppermint and other floral and citrus smells, however it was slightly more earthy than I anticipated. Therefore it gave a pale green waters, with a few bubbles but lots of little leaves. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it did make a nice and calming bath, especially due to lavender and peppermint. Rating: 3.5/5. 
  • Oatifix (Face Mask) – I traded in some old Lush pots for a free mask, and I decided to try this one out. I loved the look of the consistency, and it seemed like it would really help soften and brighten skin, which seemed perfect with winter fast approaching. It is kind of like smearing mushy banana on your face, but I’m impressed and it does as I expected it too! Rating: 4/5. 
  • I also got a Milky Bar (Bubble Bar) which I won’t go too much into as I’ve used this lots before and it’s simply one of my favourite products (see more here) but as usual it didn’t let me down. I also got Honey Bee (Bath Bomb) which is another I’ve used a few times and it’s a nice bomb, I’m sad it’s been discontinued because I just love the honey scent. Plus I recently purchased the Autumn Leaf, but I’m yet to try it (though I’m super excited about it!) so I think I’ll leave that for my *hopefully* Autumn/Halloween themed post next month!

Here’s the gallery…

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All products (barr the Lush Kitchen “Pleasure Dough” exclusive) can be found online. 

There we have it! Another month of happy hauling. Which of these have you tried? What are your thoughts? Any you want to try? Let me know your thoughts below!