Another month has passed, which means another month of lushin’. Seeing as the seasonal range has been launched I thought Seasons of Lush was an appropriate title. (Bonus points to you if you get the reference!). 

So yes, let’s take a look at my latest finds, from the seasonal collections and the Lush Kitchen…

  • Autumn Leaf (Bath Bomb) – This is everything autumnal in one lovely bomb! I really love the design and colours of this, and it gets even better as it fizzes in the water, eventually settling at orange/yellow tinted waters. Plus, after an ingredient check online I’m surprised to discover it has a hint of Maple in it – as I usually cannot stand that smell. I guess it blends well with the Bergamot, Sandalwood and Neroli Oils – it definitely makes for a perfect refreshing yet calming autumn scent. Rating: 4/5
  • Northern Lights (Bath Bomb) – While I wasn’t overly sold on the smell out of water, I was intrigued to try it as I’d heard good things and it was supposed to have popping candy – however while it was indeed a beautiful bomb, bursting with colours that eventually turned the water into a festive vibe (it ended up dark green/red tinted) and ended up smelling lovely in the water, almost similar to Honey Bee, it didn’t have any popping candy which was a shame! It makes a great bath though. Rating: 3.5/5
  • Never Mind The Ballistics (Bath Bomb) – Inspired by the Sex Pistols and that famous album cover, this has a punching fruity smell with an interesting twist of an almost waxy top (just like those 70s vinyls!) with the pink, which was due to it being oil based with cocoa butter hidden in. Another beautifully coloured bath, that soaked the skin nicely. Rating: 4/5 
  • Sparkly Pumpkin (Bubble Bar) – I had this last year, and loved it; so I decided to get it again this year! However, it seems to be more of a fruity scent that I remember it being last year, as I recall it being more of a cinnamon spice aroma. However, it was as good, if not better than last years. Full of bubbles and glitter, giving a sweet orange bath! Rating: 4.5/5
  • Monkey Bar (Bubble Bar) – This is a Lush Kitchen treat that I just couldn’t help purchasing. It was predominately made up of Fresh Organic Fair Trade Banana and Dried Banana Slice. Therefore, it didn’t smell or look overly exciting and was merely a super soft and bright yellow bubble bar; however it made plenty of long-lasting bubbles which gave a lovely bath! Rating: 3.5/5. 
  • Snowie (Bubble Bar) – I noticed this little cutie, which was a Bowie inspired snowman, and he smelt so good and looked similar to one of my favourites, Milky Bar, so I couldn’t resist the urge to try it. However, it was a big disappointment as the smell was quickly lost once it hit the water and for some reason it seemed to slightly irritate and itch my skin, though i’m not sure why. But other than it’s cuteness and bubbliness, I sadly didn’t really enjoy this product! Rating: 1.5/5.
  • Monsters Ball (Bath Bomb) – This basically looks like something right out of Monsters Inc, so how could I NOT pick one up? I loved its quirky design and pretty colours. Smells a lovely mix of sweet and fresh, with some cocoa butter in the eye, and looks pretty in water too as it turns purple. However I did find it to be slightly staining! Not bad, but a bit disappointed, especially for the price. Rating: 2.5/5.
  • Also, I picked up another D’Fluff (Shaving Foam), Love Lettuce (Face Mask) and gifted a few products too!

Here’s the gallery: 

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As usual, I hope you enjoyed that Lush update! All of the products can be found online here. And as always, don’t be afraid to leave me a comment, as I love seeing what you’ve got to say!