I was a little later than I anticipated with catching up with this film, but nevertheless, I managed to catch up with it earlier this afternoon!

To those that may not know, A Street Cat Named Bob is based on a true story and this film adaptation has been inspired by the bestselling book of the same name from 2012.

The story of which, takes us through the journey of a  homeless addict who busks for a living, called James (Luke Treadaway), who’s on a desperate path to being clean. It’s only when a stray cat, called Bob, walks into his life that he realises the importance of being clean.

The story is a very hard-hitting and honest. While I haven’t experienced any of the situations first hand, I know a reasonable amount about the issues involved; issues of which are still very much current. This story gives a very eye-opening insight into the harsh reality of being homeless and an addict. Where there’s constant struggle against relapse, money, food, disrespect, company and shelter. However, while on the surface you may think i’m talking about a sad drama, in fact it’s quite the opposite as it showcases a sense of hopefulness and willingness for better, as well as a character full compassion and natural talent. It also proves that it’s amazing what Social Media has the power to generate these days…

As for Bob – James’ feline companion perfectly portrays the natural bond between pet and owner, where you love them unconditionally. He’s an adorable little cat, who gave an excellent performance! (No, really, Bob is playing himself!). Not only that but James has a few other supporters routing him on, through the likes of his loyal fans at Covent Garden, his support worker Val (Joanne Froggatt) and his neighbour Betty (Ruta Gedmintas), these characters of which also help him through. The entire cast are brilliant, and I think Luke Treadaway gave a wonderful portrayal of James; I can imagine it being very difficult to play the role of someone who is real and very much alive but it was brilliant to spot the moment of the real James Bowen make a short but sweet and touching cameo.

The film itself was stylistically intriguing, with a few perspective shots from Bob’s point of view. The music was great, and was nice to have that insight to the life of a Busker; elements of which reminded me of the film Once. The locations were exciting, especially as I’m someone who loves to visit London and am fascinated by the culture, but it was fun to see places I’ve walked past several times on a big screen in a naturalised way.

Overall as far as “indie” British films go, this is up there in one of the best I’ve seen. I think you really need to understand the love of animals and what it’s like to have a bond with a pet to fully appreciate it. Yet even if you don’t, while there are challenging and emotional scenes, it’s predominately a funny, quirky, feel-good film that gives you the strength to believe that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard enough for it and believe that you can do it. A really enjoyable and worthwhile watch! ★★★★ Out now. See the trailer: 

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