It’s Lush time again! (Yes, really, another month has passed). This month, I’ve decided to cram a few things into one as Christmas is basically the season for Lush!

I’ll be looking back at my latest haul from November, my seasonal wish list and a reminder of my all time favourites. Hopefully all of this will help you decide on how to make your Christmas a perfectly Lushie one – for yourself or as gift inspiration!


Here’s a couple of new products I’ve got my hands on in the last month…

  • So White (Bath Bomb) – This snow-white bomb smells like fresh green apples, and oozes out green, yellow and blue. A great refreshing and calming bath, and one that I would deffo use again. Rating: 4/5.
  • Boo (Bath Melt) – When I smelt it in the shop, I was really sold as it smelt like cocoa butter which is a scent I’m always drawn to. However when I used it, it seemed it had lost its scent and almost reminded me of the terrible experience I had with the seasonal “Snowie” – as mentioned in last months blog. For me, apart from its cute appearance, this really was nothing special and wasn’t worth the cost which left me disappointed. Rating: 1.5/5.
  • Ruby Red Slippers (Bubble Bar) – I will always love LUSH for their subtle (or not-so-subtle) musical references, therefore I couldn’t help but want to click my heels at the chance to try this ruby delight that seemed a reinvention of “Dorothy”. It looks glitzy glam, but it smells more like cinnamon and spice rather than floral and fruity, which is what it’s ingredients suggest. Therefore, personally it wasn’t my favourite scent which made me not enjoy the bath as much despite it still being fit for purpose. Though if you like that smell, you would probably love it. Rating: 3/5.

Here’s a quick gallery: 

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I always get excited about Lush’s seasonal collections, and they always go all-out at Christmas, so here’s what I still need to nab…

  • Shoot For The Stars (Bath Bomb) – I don’t know if this has been done in previous years, but either way I haven’t tried yet and I always love the blue bombs, and looks so magical. I deffo need to delve into a pool of this!
  • Santasaurus (Reuseable Bubble Bar) – How adorable is this?! I’ve always had a soft spot for Dinosaurs and I’d love to give this little guy a try.
  • Luxury Lush Pud (Bath Bomb) – How an earth have I STILL not tried this yet?! I must! The colours are wonderful, yet I always seem to get distracted by other products.
  • Gift Sets – It’s kinda lame, but I love the gift sets! I got given The Night Before Christmas last year by a friend, and I just think they’re so creative and well presented. Not only that, there’s so much choice and price options. Plus some have exclusive products like the Satsuma bomb. I think if I don’t get too overhauled at Christmas, I may have to treat myself in the festive sales if there’s something that takes my fancy.
  • Also: I still haven’t tried the bubble bars Karma and Sunnyside, and they look pretty glitzy and fun!


  • Rose Jam or Snow Fairy (Shower Gel) – It’s no secret that I adore these gels. Snow Fairy has been a family tradition for me and my sister for as long as I can remember, but I also adore (and possibly mildly prefer) the floral sweetness of Rose Jam. Both last me ages too! (I’d also recommend The Comforter or Yazu and Cocoa shower cream).
  • Butterbear (Bath Bomb) – This product is a total bargain, I love how much it softens the skin while smelling of calming vanilla – plus they’re super cute too!
  • Magic Wand (Reuseable Bubble Bar) – This smells very similar to Snow Fairy, and is a shimmering pink star on a stick that lasts up to 5 baths, if not more. What’s not to love?!
  • Candy Mountain and Christmas Penguin (Bubble Bar) – CM is another sweet shimmering pink treat, that gives you bubbly goodness! While CP is an adorable little bubble bar, that is too cute to ignore!
  • Baked Alaska (Soap) – I’m in love with this soap. It smells citrus fresh, and I’m always sad when we use up the last little bit. (I’d also recommend Honey I Washed The Kids)
  • As for the non-seasonal favourites: Milky Bar, The Comforter, Rose Jam, Yazu and Cocoa (Bubble Bars); Frozen, Intergalactic, The Experimenter, Twilight (Bath Bombs); Love Lettuce (Face Mask) and D’Fluff (Shaving Soap).

For more information on any of the products visit or head to your local store. And as always, let me know your thoughts and leave your comments! What are your favourites? What are you keen to get your hands on? Any thoughts on the 2016 seasonal collection?

Also: please note, you may not get a new Lushie post until January due to the madness of Christmas and because of all the other exciting things I have in store! Hope that’s okay with you!