I know my last post was Lush themed, but I couldn’t resist picking up this product and trying it out to review for you lovely people, so I’m here to tell you all about Error 404.

As soon as payday happens and I’ve used up the last haul, I can’t resist restocking my Lush shelf. Majority of what I picked up was stuff that I’ve already spoken about, however Error 404 is a new and exclusive limited edition product that launched on Black Friday (25th November – though I believe it has been available before a few years ago and via the Lush Kitchen). Not only that, it’s one of their “good causes” products as I call them, where the money goes to important campaigns. (For example, do you remember May Day, which was against Badger Culling?) 

Error 404 is a bath bomb in aid of the #KeepItOn campaign against Internet Shutdowns, and the money goes to the Digital Fund.

I have to admit, I was not really aware of this issue as it’s not occurring in my country (The UK); however internet shutdowns are happening in several countries around the world, such as India, Brazil and Turkey.

These shutdowns are an intentional blackout, often happening through government control as a way to control what people say, do or see. You may be thinking why is this important… but imagine if you couldn’t access the information you need for your studies? You couldn’t contact your family? What if your job relied on the internet? And why should others control us anyway?

For more information on this issue please visit: www.accessnow.org/keepiton & uk.lush.com/keepiton  

As for the product itself; it has the look of a glittering golden egg (much like the Golden Egg from the Easter collection) with “404” imprinted, and some markings that resemble the inner workings of anything technological. I really like this design, it’s simple but still fun and stands-out.

As for the smell, it contains Vanilla and Gardenia Extract and for me personally, it reminded me of Honey Bee mixed with Vanilla. It was quite strong, but I really loved the scent.

Then once it hits water, it fizzes furiously and quickly rids of the gold to reveal a glittering blue lagoon with a hidden message.

Overall, even though it was at the pricier end of the Bath Bombs (£4.04 funnily enough!), I would recommend this product because it’s promoting and funding for a good cause and it was a really enjoyable and beautiful bath with a lasting scent and it left my skin feeling lovely. Rating: 4/5. For more on the product visit: uk.lush.com/error-404

Here’s a quick few photos: 

As always, share your thoughts! Have you tried it yet? Are you going to? Comment below… (And I promise that this WILL be the last Lush post until January! Look out for what else is in store though.)