It’s Friday, a week and a bit before Christmas. What better way to spend it, than to take a day off work and see your favourite band in your favourite city? Well here’s how that went…

Firstly, we arrived in The City of London around midday and took a mooch around Westfield Stratford – which mainly resulted in us seeking out good food. Such as grabbing a taste of Joe Delucci’s Gelato, which is probably some of the nicest and most authentic Italian style Ice Cream you will ever taste (I had Cherries and Custard, incase you were interested, and I would highly recommend). 

We then checked into our hotel (Travelodge, London Docklands – which i’d really recommend if heading to the O2 and in need of a place to stay on a budget), and took some rest before setting off to the venue by Cable Car on the Emirates Airline (which, is just £3.50 for a single trip if you’re an Oyster Card holder!). I purchased myself a snazzy new logo t-shirt (got to love a good band tee), and we then tucked into a yummy two-course meal at Zizzi (you can’t go wrong with Pizza).

Then we went into the gig. Though before we went in, it was surprising to me for how much has changed in the last 2/3 years since my last visit in 2014, as the Security has got so much tighter, which always seems a shame that the world has come to this for everything. However, let’s not dwell on that…

This is the third time I’ve seen The 1975; I’ve been a fan since their breakthrough in 2013 after multiple hearings of the likes of Sex, Chocolate and The City on Radio 1. However, the first time I saw them was in November 2015 at Hammersmith Apollo, again in February 2016 at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town and here we are in December 2016 for their biggest show to date, at the O2 arena.

Therefore having seen them before, I pretty much knew what to expect. Except I also knew this was going to be bigger and better.

Although small venues are great for their intimacy and ornate styling, there’s something about the O2 that gives me chills. It’s my most visited music venue, and I just find it amazing when there’s that many people in one place for that one band or artist, and that energy and atmosphere runs through the arena.

The band were supported by up-and-coming indie kids, Japanese House, who share the same label. They had a few good songs, but it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. (Plus I personally found it rather difficult to hear – but that always seems to happen with support acts!) I can see that it was the right choice for the crowd though.

A short while later, the lights go down and “The 1975” interlude begins which swiftly stomps into “Love Me” and the show is in full swing. Overall this was a brilliant setlist filled with a nice mix of the hits, tracks from the new album (a number of which hadn’t been performed live in the UK yet – like “Paris” and “Loving Someone”, which were some of my highlights) as well as a few throwbacks and fan favourites (like “M.O.N.E.Y”, “Undo” and “Milk” – also exciting numbers). I was sad there was a few songs missed out that I’d love to hear live, such as “This Must Be My Dream”, but it was still a really brilliant and well thought-out setlist that included a whopping 24 songs.

The set design is flawless as always, with the typical The 1975 aesthetic of blocks, squares and bright lights and moving backgrounds that change for each song. Not only that, Matt Healy is undeniably one of the best frontmen of this decade, with his funny little quirks, signature glass of red wine and awe-inspiring speeches that represents a voice for the modern generation.

The crowd was seemingly mainly filled with those under the age of 25 and majority being females, however I think the 1975 are a band that many generations and music lovers can enjoy. They may not be everyones cup of tea, but they are definitely mine and this band just get bigger and better without fail, and I’m personally so proud to support them.

The next day, we had a full English breakfast at our hotel, before venture over to Camden for a little mooch – we intended to go to The 1975 pop up shop but couldn’t be bothered to queue for it! (Which is a shame, but sorry, sadly don’t have time and energy for that!) Instead we settled for more good food before heading home.

Thanks for the great gig boys, and London you’ll always have my heart. As always, don’t forget to let me know: have you seen The 1975 or done any of the things I mentioned? Share your thoughts!